Saturday, August 16, 2008

Roger Federer Gets His Gold


Karen said...

Thank you Craig, but I would preferred the picture of both of them rolling around on the ground - the commentator on the Deutsch feed called it "male bonding". Apparently Roger has this ritual where Stan lays down and Roger runs his hands all over him - wonder what that is all about - methinks I will have to start looking at Roger in a different light. Congrats to him as today is one very happy Jamaican girl - my favourite male tennis player wins a gold medal and Jamaica sets a new world record and wins 100M gold. Could not have asked for anything better.

Craig Hickman said...

Just for you, karen. Just for you.

As for looking are Raja in a different light. You are way late to that party. ;)

Karen said...

Thank you Craig. Talk about man love. Rumour has it that he is getting married in September in Mallorca. I always had the sense that he would get married either after winning the French or winning an Olympic medal. Maybe it is wedding plans that have him down? Late for the party - always suspected but this Olympics has him coming out ... have no problem with a little man love (:) I love him too much

oddman said...

Craig! Spit out my root beer!

Wa-a-a-a-a-ay too late.... LOL!

I haven't yet looked for youtube clip of that funny celebration thingie, must say I kind of enjoyed that Fed was happy. Guess he definitely needed something to salvage this year, and what better than a gold medal? (what's wrong with me, gah!)

Now, there's only one more thing that would make me delirious, and you know what that is.

vmw3 said...

Do people think he is gay?

Not that there's anything wrong with it.

Karen said...

vmw, as someone who loves Roger to death, that is what people are saying. I dont think he is gay but he certainly looks like he "fools" around. LOL

anonymous said...

He isn't gay, not that I would make any difference. I read somewhere him talking about his future baby with Mirka.

rabbit said...

Haha, I thought they interacted with each other just like brothers. It's clear they love each other a lot.

Anyways, I loved the fact that Roger could find the champion's joy at least once this season. And for those who say Roger is not honest:

[I]Interviewer: It's a gold medal in double. You look very happy. Does this double title outweigh the loss of the single?

Federer: Well.. It's for sure something helpful to forget what happened. As you know it was a big goal of this season besides Wimbledon. Both of them I didn't get. Therefore it was hard at the beginning you know. But it was very important that Stan revitalized me. I've tried to revitalize him the same way for the double. And if... I wouldn't say that it was kind of a compensation. It's simple dream I had. Winning gold medal at the Olympic games... never mind if it was in double or single. Afterwards the joy now is kind of bigger because you can share your joy. Also if you have looked at us after winning the match point... celebrating together... it wouldn't have been possible in single.

Helen W said...

rabbit here are Jon Wertheim's comments in SI about both Roger and Rafa (in his Ad-In, Ad-Out article):

Rafael Nadal
As if his year needed additional gilding, new top-ranked player takes gold medal in singles in Beijing. Oh, and he becomes the No.1 ranked player today. Otherwise, it was a slow week for him.

Roger Federer
In a backwards way, he revealed an awful lot about himself in Beijing. Takes still another crushing loss in this disappointing year -- a straight set defeat to James Blake -- and still has the constitution to dust himself off and team with Stanislas Wawrinka to take a gold in doubles. That, friends, is a champion.