Sunday, August 17, 2008

Russian Sweep, Dementieva Wins Gold


Beth said...

Saw part of this match...was so hoping to see Dinara take home the gold but stil...she put up a good fight.

Beth said...

Oh yeah, and on the men's side, could Rafa possibly have asked for a better year? He must be on cloud nine! Loved the match, got to see the full ceremony online - just so happy for him. He should be incredibly proud of the phenomenal year he has had. Just unreal! GO RAFA! WE LOVE YOU!!

oddman said...

Unbelievable win for Rafa - the gold medal for Spain!! How awesome is that? This year, which started out with that devastating loss to Tsonga in the AO, has really turned around for Rafa Nadal. What amazing tennis he played against Gonzo - he can hit 'em just as hard back to the Chilean.

I'm just so amazed at this kid - fantastic! Surely this bodes well for the USO, no?

Vamos, Rafa, Gold Medalist and Olympic champion!

anonymous said...

17 double faults from Safina!!!! Pathetic.

Craig Hickman said...

I voted for Elena D. I just didn't think Safina would hold it together upstairs.

If you don't beat Dementieva in straight sets, you don't beat her.

I think it's remarkable she won silver 8 years ago and comes back to win gold today.