Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday's Winners

by Savannah

Marin Cilic Men's Champion

Caroline Wozniacki Women's Champion

Marcelo Melo and Andre Sa Men's Doubles Champions

Kveta Peschke and Lisa Raymond Womens Doubles Champions

Congratulations to Lucie Safarova who won Forest Hills


Karen said...

Now that is a face I did not expect to see winning a trophy - Lucie Safarova. Welcome to the Winners Circle. A player I have always liked and admired, especially for her composure on the court. Great to see her finally putting a win under her belt, and so close to the USO as well. Did anyone watch the Cilic/Fish match last night? My goodness, could Fish have been more of a bad sportsman during and after the tournament. As to the commentary, could it have been any more biased. I have to say that after listening to Robbie and company during Masters Series commentary, I really have little use for American commentary. I was just watching the match as there was nothing else to do on a Saturday night, was not rooting for either player as am not a fan of either, but after awhile I just had to start rooting for Cilic to win as the commentators were just behaving like crap. I have to say that I am sorely disappointed in Dareen Cahill's commentary these days as he seems to have joined the bandwagon of disrespecting players while they are on court. I used to love his commentary as he used to be very inciteful, but these days he is just bleech ...