Monday, August 18, 2008

Screenshot: ATP Salutes the New World No. 1

Imagine my surprise when I typed in the ATP homepage and got this. The page automatically defaulted to the ATP index page after 10 seconds. You can click on the image above and see if it still comes up. I've no idea how long it will run.

Anyone know if this has ever been done before? I mean, I know January 2004 was the last time there was a new world No. 1, but I don't recall Andy Roddick or Roger Federer getting this kind of ATP love when they took over the top spot.

This is not a complaint, mind you. After being No. 2 for more consecutive weeks than any player in history, the gesture seems appropriate.

But I was still surprised.

Congratulations Rafa, indeed.


oddman said...

I've had ATP as my homepage for a long time, and this is the first time I've seen this - and a lovely surprise it was! A super tribute to Rafa Nadal. Look how hard he had to work to get there. I almost can't believe it's true - then there's this great reminder from ATP.

What a fanastic run he's been on - and to think he was so close to losing that #2 ranking to Djoker a few months ago.


anonymous said...

Congrats first of all to Rafa. But even I'm surprised at the kind of adulation Nadal is getting that the past No.1s never got. Maybe tennis has suddenly become more popular. Maybe its his muscular physique. I'm a devoted Federer fan so it's a bit hard for me, but now Federer must get his act together.

Mikki said...

Don't worry, anon. I checked out and it still says Roger is No 1 and Rafa is No 2 with an as of date of 8/18/08. Roger is still getting the love.

I think the tribute on the atp site is as much to Rafa as it is to Roger. No one would care that Rafa made it to No 1 if Roger hadn't been so dominant for 4 years.

Beth said...

I, too, was really surprised to see that congratulatory intro but pleased as anything. Also the video tribute they made to his year is wonderful as well, highlighting all his wins and triumphs. The ATP really went all out to congratulate RAFA on his achievement of reaching number 1 and it shoes the respect they have for the enormity of this task and how very few players could do in this year what he has done. Vamos Rafa. Enjoy what your worked so hard to achieve!

Helen W said...

I was surprised and delighted to go to the site this morning and see the tribute to Rafa.

I think it is part of the ATP's efforts to start showcasing its stars. And I can't argue with that! I also agree with mikki that, by its very presence, it also highlights what Roger has achieved.

Michael said...

I had the same reaction as helen. I think this has more to do with the ATP newish (and cheesyish, but at least well designed) "Feel it" theme than Rafa himself. They are trying to build excitement, and the changeover from one long held #1 to a new one is something worth highlighting. I think they'd have done the same for another player who became #1. It would be interesting to see if they did this a lot if the #1 switched frequently... I don't think we'll find out for a while, though.

Helen W said...

Hope not Michael (find out, I mean) :)