Thursday, August 28, 2008

US Open 8/27/08 Day 3

by Savannah

All of you know that I am not a fan of hard court tennis. But there is hard court tennis - the Blake vs Young match for example - where the skill and artistry (yes I used the word artistry and James Blake in the same sentence) of the players are put on display. Tommy Haas and Richard Gasquet played good hard court tennis. Then there is hard court tennis of the type I saw last night where there is very little tennis and a lot of serving. This is a style peculiar to the United States and one that I'd hoped to see the end of. Roddick came to serve. Santoro came to play tennis. It made for a very bad tennis match for this viewer.
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Andrewrg said...

I watched the beginning of the Roddick vs. Santoro match, but every game on Roddick's serve was rather boring/tiresome to watch, so I gave up.

It was also hard to watch Santoro, one of my favourite players, lose.

Karen said...

I switched channels and went to watch Doomsday. The match was so boring that JMac and Pygmy Guy spoke about everything else apart from the tennis - as there was nothing happening on which they could actually provide commentary.

b said...

I can't help but wonder if the issue is the thrashing Santoro gave Roddick when they played last fall in Lyon. Suprised media didn't pick up on that. I think (fragile ego) Roddick was out for Revenge, plain and simple.