Friday, August 29, 2008

US Open 8/28/08 Day 4

by Savannah

"Lack of practice. Lack of practice. Lack of practice."
Tracy Austin's
mantra after Ana Ivanovic's second round exit from the US Open says all that needs to be said. Tracy has been spot on so far this Open and she said it during Ana's sketchy first round win. She was not alone in noticing the lack of precision and focus that Ana showed that day and many predicted that she would not go deep in the tournament.
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oddman said...

Too bad about Ana, but she didn't seem that upset with the result. Must have known she wasn't match-tough at all. She is pretty, but she doesn't strike me as one who would get sucked into that end of things easily - methinks there's an inner steel core there. Oh, well, alot of the boys watching tennis will be a bit downhearted now that she's gone, lol.

They can cheer on Sveta, no?

Savannah said...

Oddman you ain't right.

oddman said...

I know, my bad...