Friday, September 05, 2008

The Final Two

One will contest her 12th Slam final. The other, her first. The winds from the tropical storms that are bombarding the east coast wrecked havoc on today's semifinals. The rains may postpone the final Slam final of the season.

But if the match happens as scheduled, expect some on-court hurricanes.

These are the WTA's two most dramatic Drama Queens. And the No. 1 ranking is on the line.

Serena's been to the pinnacle before, back in 2003, but no player has fallen and returned with more time in between.

Serena is playing for history.

Jelena was at the top for a week, a few weeks ago, but her ascension was decried by many, including yours truly, because she hadn't even contested a Slam final.

Jelena is playing for legitimacy.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the drama.

No matter what happens, a tropical storm will prevail.


Karen said...

Serena wants this title badly. You can see it in her face. I loved how she played yesterday against Dinara. She played very controlled aggressive tennis, without going for too much. As a matter of fact at certain points in the match she seemed to be playing very defensively by just getting the ball back in play and wait for Dinara to make the errors. I am picking Serena in 2 for this one.

Mad Professah said...

This tournament was decided when Serena lost the Wimbledon final to Venus in July.

Serena will not be denied---unless the weather intervenes!

oddman said...

Yes, Mad, how well I remember Serena's face after that final. Not one bit happy with anything right after, even if it was her sister who won. What fire!
You said it.

5PercentBodyFat said...

Serena is fit, she's lost some more weight, she's in fit condition, so she should win this match.

A lot of people think she's out of shape, sure that was the case at the Aussie Open, but now just look at her profile, look at her waist line. I wouldn't be surprised if she's sporting a four-pack.