Friday, September 26, 2008

Heard Around

by Savannah

Srdjan Djokovic, father of the three Djokovic brothers, is upset with the 2009 Davis Cup draw. According to Mr. Djokovic the draw was rigged against Serbia in 2008 when Serbia drew Russia in the first round, and again in 2009 where Serbia has to play Spain in Spain.

He criticizes the Serbian Tennis federation for not pushing harder for an "easier" draw.

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oddman said...

Well, call me stupid for thinking that draws were random.

This guy seems very scary.

tangerine said...

Daddy Djoker needs to keep his mouth shut already. They may be stars in Serbia but on the world stage they are nothing. Novak has enough problems and enemies to deal with without his parents making it worse.

I feel for Novak, he is caught between a rock and hard place concerning his parents. They sacrificed a lot for his career and he loves them, but they have become a detriment to their son's image. This puts Novak in a very difficult position.

Craig Hickman said...

I'm not convinced Djoke feels he's in a difficult position.

The apple don't fall far from the tree.

Karen said...

Papa Djokster needs to stop!


Len said...

C'mon folks, give the guy a break. He is a man of class and one who has worked hard to earn the right to make such sensical and well founded statements.

Have we not learned something in 2008 in that when he speaks, the world should listen as he is the bearer of truth and wisdom?

* Roger / The King is Dead...
* Novak will be #1 in 2008
* Novak is #1
* Roger is finished
* Radio commentators who don't overly exaggerate in their commentary for Novak during home Davis Cup matches must be sacked
* The Davis Cup draws are rigged.

FFS! Even if this report is not true (highly doubt it though), what wanker.

Oryem said...

What is it with tennis parents. They try SO hard to lead us to believe they are crazy.

Ivana said...

A friend told me not to bother with this blog, and this is my first time here and already I can see why. You people are so pathetic, your criticism has no substance, "They may be stars in Serbia but on the world stage they are nothing. " I mean....seriously? Where do I begin? Alas, instead I'll just leave