Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm Back... And Sick as a Dog

by Craig Hickman

First of all, a standing ovation for Savannah and MadProfessah who have done a great job covering the US Open.

I've been back from Denver since Friday night, but came down with a whopping cold on Sunday and it's not getting better.

I'm sure it's because I didn't get any sleep in Denver.

I've watched a bit of tennis here and there when the drugs wear off. Last night, I caught most of Serena and Venus Williams, a good portion of Andy Murray and Juan Martin del Potro and a bit of Mardy Fish and Rafeal Nadal. I simply couldn't stay awake for the end of it.

All I can say about the sister slugfest was that it was the most intense match I've ever seen them play. Both of them wanted it. The tennis was jaw-dropping. They are the best in the world right now, no matter what the rankings say and I was just happy to catch such a great match.

I'm too drowsy for further analysis, but stay tuned because I'm sure Savannah will hit another post out of the park.


oddman said...

So sorry to hear you're sick, but glad you're back home too. Loved reading your posts on Denver - American politics tend to interest me much more than Canadian. Just read in my morning paper that most Canadians back Obama, with the feeling he'll create better relationships with the rest of the world. I'd agree.

Get some chicken soup into you, rest, you know the drill... (there's my nurse-self talking, lol) - we need you back at your literary best. Great semi and final matches coming up.
Vamos Rafa! Still there. Not too shabby for a one dimensional dirtballer, no?

Karen said...

Welcome back Chief and may I be the first to say it - I MISSED YOU MAN!!!!! - I even visited your site over at divinity and made a little post there as well. Glad you enjoyed yourself in Denver. Trying to figure out a good Jamaican remedy for a cold but that would mean you would have to come here and get it and dont think you want to do that right now - LOL
Tennis, my goodness what can you say about that match last night. Hey girls on the WTA Tour - this is how the game of tennis should be played - hit the ball, chase the ball, do things with the ball and racquet that no one can ever do. As I posted earlier I was hosting a party at my house and the level of play was so incredible that people who knew nothing about tennis watched the match from beginning to end. It was that intense. Serena and Venus got a standing ovation after the end of a rally - Arthur Ashe crowd stood to its feet and gave those girls a standing ovation during a point of a match. Not even Roger Federer in all his glory has ever had Arthur Ashe stadium do that for him. Not even Andy Roddick with all his fans or Sharapova with the whole media behind her or Justine Henin with her varied game had Arthur Ashe crowd stand and cheer for one single point in a match. This was not the end of the match, this was just a single rally point during a match. Tell me that these girls are not the saviour of women's tennis. It was awesome and I was glad that I was able to see it.

Pamela said...

Absolutely Karen, excellent effort by both ladies. You could see and feel the intensity emanate from their eyes through the television screen. It was an awesome display of serving, returns, gets and even a drop shot or two. Just wow. Great match from both ladies.