Friday, September 26, 2008

Ali in Thailand

Jo-Wifried Tsonga kickboxes in Bangkok. He'll try to knockout compatriot Gael Monfils in the Thailand Open semifinals.


JoshDragon said...

I think that Tsonga will be able to win his match against Mofils.

tangerine said...

Usually around this time of year I start falling asleep watching the boring indoor tennis being contested by the second tier of players (i.e., everybody not named Federer and Nadal) trying to grab as many points and mickey mouse titles as they can before the year ends. It doesn't help that the sparse crowds are as silent as death itself.

Plus, baseball starts getting more exciting as the playoffs and World Series nears. Go Red Sox!

Steve Tignor loves the fall season tennis and wrote a preview here.

Karen said...

Hey all, I think fall tennis is boring because we never get to see the darned things on tv. I wish TC would at least give us q/f matches of all the tournaments that are now being played. I remember last year I came across a really exciting match with Venus Williams in Korea. The venue was great and the stands were full. I mean I saw empty seats in Miami and Indian Wells as well.
Also, Jo Willy rocks. Man that fellow has nice legs