Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spain Bloodies USA 4-1

All the optimists come down from your highs yet?

Andy Roddick will always be my guy. That's the way fandom works. But I remain as objective as I can be about what's going on with him. He can't win big matches anymore. And that's all there is to it.

Rafael Nadal on the other hand was nothing short of sublime today.

Juan Martin del Potro is trying to save Argentina from David Nalbandian's predictable meltdown.

Talk amongst yourselves.


Beth said...

Rafa really got a lot of energy from the crowd and his countrymen. You could tell this bolstered him and solidified his resolve. In the very beginning of the match, Roddick's serve and volley looked like it was going to be the magic wand against Rafa but it just never fully materialized in subsequent games/sets. Then his serve started to falter a bit in the 2nd and third sets - some doubles and 1st serve went down, etc. I loved when Andy tried to engage the crowd and they actually cheered for him. That was a very fun moment in the match. It's so nice to see how he appreciates the entertainment aspect of being in 'the arena'. I have always really liked this about Roddick - his sense of knowing that this is not only his experience but the crowd's too. Have to say though, it was really nice to see Rafa embracing his teammates at the end and sharing in the experience of the victory.