Friday, September 05, 2008

VIDEO: Oh No He Di'int! Djokovic Trashes Roddick, the Crowd, Gets Booed

Oh, how the tide turns. Say hello to the new villain of tennis, Darth Djoker.

The link to Roddick's complete presser is here.

Q. You've clearly ticked him off with comments about SARS and bird flu and everything. He took himself to bring it up in front of a stadium that booed him loudly and even Michael tried to steer it and he just kept it going. Is that a bad call on his part?

ANDY RODDICK: Well, I mean, listen, here's the deal: I mean, if you guys haven't ever seen me joke in a press conference, I'd be shocked, okay?

I think you guys know it was completely meant in jest. Listen, I had four questions from each one, I had eight questions about all the other ones. Finally after 12 questions I decided to make light of the situation and it actually stopped after that. Or it screwed me up and you guys got me out of it.

I'm willing to talk about it. I don't know if, you know ‑‑ he took it as seriously. I figure if you're going to joke and imitate other people and do the whole deal, then you should take it. Listen, if someone makes fun of me I'm most likely going to laugh. If I'm over the line I'm going to come in here and say I was ridiculous. And I was wrong. I've been the worst of it in the past. By no means am I sitting here trying to be holier than thou or anything like that. But I promise you that if somebody makes a joke about it I'll probably laugh.

I'm sorry he took it that way. There's nothing else to say. I don't think I was over the line. It wasn't my intention, and, you know, I'm sorry he felt that way. Maybe I did him a favor tonight.

Q. It was our comments back and forth, and to be honest with you, today I heard from five or six or seven people, I heard it on ESPN, I heard it on USA, those types of things have legs, whether you like it...

ANDY RODDICK: I should know better, but listen, I joke all the time. I don't think anybody in their right mind takes me serious. I think it's very clear when I give a serious answer and when I don't give a serious answer.

Maybe that part ‑‑ maybe I should know better, you know, but in my eyes it's an innocent comment. I felt that most people found it funny and I tried to build it up ‑‑ if you look at the transcript, I'm saying, I'm 3, he's 8. It's straightforward. I'm trying to build it up as like I'm the favorite. I said listen, if you want to go last 10 days or go the last 10 months, he's been the best hardcourt player. I'm throwing truthful things the whole time. If someone wants to focus in on that and use it, then by all means, but especially in Novak's case, if you're going to dish out all the stuff, then be able to take it with a smile, is the only part that I don't quite agree with.

Q. Have you had an opportunity to talk to him afterward?

ANDY RODDICK: Anything that's going to be said between Novak and I is going to stay between Novak and I because I'm not going to air out private conversations in front of you guys, because I just don't feel like that's necessary.

The link to Djokovic's complete presser is here.

Q. Andy, I mean, based on the comments on the court, Andy clearly upset you, angered you with some of the comments that became public. Was that a factor? How much were you angered by those comments?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Now, look, I had a very, very tough day yesterday. Physically I was feeling very exhausted and very empty.

I wasn't able to practice. One of the reasons was physically that, you know, I was exhausted and the other reason was that I just mentally had a lot of pressure.

Unfortunately, Andy made a statement ‑‑ I don't think it was intentional, okay. He made a joke and it was a misunderstanding, so I don't blame it on him. Okay. I did react on the court. Maybe I reacted. Maybe I exaggerated and reacted bad in that moment. No, I apologize if I reacted like that. But this was just impulsive, you know.

I had a lot of emotions in last two days. It's not nice when you get that from media all around the world and from players, and I never needed to make any excuses in the press. I just didn't need ‑‑ because I know that what I'm doing is right, that I have all the rights to take the medical timeout, that I'm doing it just for the purpose to make my physical condition better and just that I continue playing better.

I never made medical timeout because I wanted to distract the player, the opponent, or, you know, make the result look worse, you know.

And I just never did it. I didn't pay attention when I took the medical timeout. I just didn't care about it. Medical timeout is there because physiotherapist are there and doctors are there to help you out. This is what I did. I just took the medicals to help me out.

Maybe the people think that I'm exaggerating with these things, but it's just ‑‑ it's nothing bad, nothing negative, because I just ‑‑ I twist my ankle, I feel bad, you know. I get the pain in the back.

I just want to make it right, you know. Andy was always nice to me when I got to the tour, so this was just a clear misunderstanding.

Q. Have you spoken to Andy in the locker room already?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Yes, but this is just between us.


oddman said...

Strikes me as one who will use 'everyone's against me' as a motivator to play better, a la Lleyton Hewitt. Yet, Djokovic wants the crowd adulation as well. You can't have it both ways.

I must say, what really gets my goat is the in-your-face roar, glare at everyone, and pointing to head, heart, legs, whatever *while* glaring at all in the stadiums. Nothing really new, he's done this before.
You don't see other players glaring at the crowd, their celebrations may be just as intense, but it's turned inward, or towards their box.
Man, gimme a Rafa Roar anyday! THAT boy knows how to do it right.

PeytonAllen said...

As i've said all year long with the Djok/Federer flap, a villain is good for tennis.

That said, Novak's comments were a strange way to end the match. Roddick joking the 4th set and probably a 5 set win away were shocking enough. I think you have to go back to Djok's last match, or two matches...when he took a playful shot at Johnny Mac. "In the last three years i've given him more complaints than his wife."

He likes playing to the crowd. His impressions got him over in New York, and I really felt like he just lost his mind and sense of the crowd and thought they'd back him up on his "ha ha i felt pretty good today, huh" comment.

Then he backtracked and tried to get serious.

He's always been blunt. That's fine.

Roddick is right though if you're going to mock Nadal's wedgie, then you should be able to take the ribbing as well.

Maybe Fed can ease his pain.

Kind of a non-pluss Open so far. No major stories or great matches that stand out.

Men's semi's can hopefully end this on a high note. Rafa finally is in the final weekend. I think he's just kind of been sleepwalking through it. But, we'll see if he can raise his game.

Karen said...

OK, I am not reading anyone else's post before I post mine. OK so he says he was injured during his match with Tommy, he had all these ailments etc., yet he was moving fluidly, did not call for the trainer one during the match and played very well in beating Andy. Methinks the fact that Andy called him out made a difference. He was trying to prove something. The more I see of this guy, the more I dislike him. Him and Soderling ar clearly the 2 worst players on the ATP tour, bar none. I bet you he does not try that crap against Roger on Saturday. There will be all hell to pay.

oddman said...

'Sleepwalking through it...' yes, he hasn't impressed me a whole lot. There's been times Rafa's looked unfocused out there, but gutted out wins despite this. Time to wake up, Rafito, you need all your senses from here on in.
Hee hee, karen! Will be interesting if Nole starts feeling some twinges and suddenly gets a real injury to deal with. No matter what, that crowd is gonna go nuts if he calls a trainer. He's going to have to have his leg fall off for anyone to believe he's really hurt.... they were with Fed before, now they'll really let Djoker know 'who's your daddy' out there. I would never wish injury on a player, but if it does happen, I'm all agog at what'll happen... evil me.

LittleBoots said...
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tangerine said...

Novak was apologetic during his press conference and I think he and Andy sorted out the misunderstanding, but the problem for Novak now is that he managed to insult an entire crowd and that crowd will be back on Saturday to boo him some more when he faces Federer. This is going to be a huge challenge for Novak to overcome, but he made his bed now he must lie in it. Meanwhile Roger will enjoy having the crowd's full support, which is unusual for him at USO.

Personally, I find it to be a real shameful ending to an otherwise good match (which could have been so much better had Roddick not choked). Roddick earns my ire for once again being a paper tiger instead of a true court bully others make him out to be.

oddman said...

Wow, tangerine, good one. I would much prefer a true court bully, warts and meanness and all, to the paper tiger you compare Andy to. That statement of yours hit home here. Yet, I still love me some Andy Roddick. I saw some good stuff in the Gonzo match, admittedly Gonzo didn't play all that well, but Andy looked so fast and fluid and dialled in - oh, where does that guy go?

*lament over*

Greenie said...

Americans are dumb. That said, the fucking crowd booed him throughout the match due to roddick's stupid remarks on Novak's physical condition.The "in-your-face roar" is a clear response to the hostility he'd been facing, and so,it should be understood as that.

Look, he has all the right to call medical timeouts when whe wants and if he needs it. Who do you or Roddick or anyone to judge his calls? He's there to play, he's one of the best players of the world, and kicked the shit out of Roddick's ass. In the end of the day, that's what matters.

Hopefully, Novak is aware that he has a huge fanbase here in Europe and that we'll always be on his side, no matter the outcome of the us open.

oddman said...

Hi Greenie. I've met a few dumb Americans myself, but you can't lump all of them in that pot. Dummies are found ALL over the world... even Europe.

Besides that, the crowd didn't boo Djokovic throughout the match cos of Roddick's stupid remarks. I thought they applauded sometimes, and behaved like the typical USO crowd at other times, yelling and noisy at any non-American opponent when one of their own was in the ring... not to condone this behavior, but this is not new.
You're right, Nole won, at the end of the day, that IS what matters. So my feeling is he really didn't have to glare at everyone and include the crowd into his anger over Andy Roddick's picking at him in the earlier press conference. The crowd (watch the vid!) was politely applauding, until he started his rant.
As for the medical timeouts, you are right again, Djokovic can call for it when he needs it. But he's had quite the checkered past with using these before, and as much as admitted he used them to catch his wind, breath, feeling so tired, etc. Not really in the spirit of a true injury, imho. And this is what makes many players (not just Andy Roddick - see Tommy Robredo, Gael Monfils, others) and fans question the validity of his frequent use of them.
As I say, it will be interesting to see if and how many MTO's called in Novak's next match.

Craig Hickman said...

Tangy, I'm agreeing with you across the board.

Greenie said...

Hi oddman. I consider myself dumb so...i really didn't meant to judge or act superior. Just tease y'all a little.

I think the crowd has short memory. Novak gave 'em great moments of tennis and entertainment last year, so, i think they should have been a little more understanding with him. I agree that his attitude wasn't the best but i think that it all began in the misunderstanding or bad judgement that Djokovic took of Roddick words.

Given this fact, Roddick's joke put in question Novak's profissionalism and fair play. Fact that Nole took as an offense. All 'n all i think that it was all a bad misunderstanding that harm Novak the most.


Pamela said...

Djokovic is an idiot. I don't want to hear that he's young and the crowd was against him. The crowd applauded some of his shots, and understandably they'd be on Andy's side. He IS American, and this is the US Open. All that aside, taking Andy's comments seriously was silly at best.

You can't chalk it up to that though, he took on the crowd at the Australian Open this year. There's glaring at the person across the net in heated battle, and there is what he does. He stupidly glares at the audience, beats his chest at the audience, yells at them to shut up (even if they should) and he roars at the audience like he's battling them.

He's just someone I can never ever see myself rooting for. I hope he loses tomorrow in such a vile beat down.

Karen said...

OK folks it is here again, everyone on the Roger Federer bandwagon. Take down Novak Djokovic. I think Andy was just joking around. There is a line from a Shakespeare play that goes thus "methinks that thou dost protest too much". Novak is defending his many injuries too much. His countrywoman JJ is the same thing. The only one of the Serbs who does not call medical time outs is Ana. Janko also uses the MTO to catch his breath, nose strip notwithstanding. I find it very difficult to cheer for these people because they do not exhibit what the sport is all about - fair play and sportsmanship at the highest level. As we say in the West Indies "it is just not cricket". On another note, why is it when Americans cheer for Americans they are called all sorts of names. I watched every single Grand Slam tournament this season and I distinctly recall the Aussies really cheering for their own, the French were cheering on their own, the Brits were cheering for their players against one of their faves - Venus Williams and it goes on. Why should Americans not cheer for Americans? Absolutely ridiculous. You best believe the day when a Jamaican plays against my favourite player Roger Federer, I will ensure that someone puts some of that good thing in Roger's water bottle to slow him down. LOL