Friday, October 31, 2008


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga outlasted a demoralized Andy Roddick in a third-set tiebreak to advance to the semifinals in Paris to play James Blake who got a walkover from Roger Federer who had a stiff back. David Nalbandian who dismissed the other Andy will play Nikolay Davydenko who got a retirement from Rafael Nadal who had a stiff knee.

And the shot-spot operator refused to do what the chair umpire told him to do toward the end of the Roddick-Tsonga affair. All parties on the court agreed that Andy had one challenge remaining and could get a replay of a serve that had been called out, but wasn't. The chair ump had to call the supervisor to the court to clear up the matter because the shot-spot operator was such a knucklehead.

The crowd was simply unruly throughout.


Helen W said...

I watched the whole debacle re Andy's challenge near the end of the 3rd set, and I can't recall ever seeing such a ridiculous incident. It went on and on and on.

There is no doubt in my mind that the whole thing rattled both players, and particularly Andy.

Andy came out firing in the first set -- it was great to see his old forehand put in a rare appearance -- too bad it went back to wherever it lives these days. I was really, really pulling for him, and even in the 3rd set tie-break, with Tsonga holding 4 match points, he almost came back. He just couldn't capitalize

Craig Hickman said...

It really was unlike anything I've ever seen.

Andy Roddick lost the match for one reason and one reason only:

He failed to break serve by hitting a winner or forcing an error. He just pushed the ball around and hoped his opponent would miss.

That's why I doubt he can win big again.

This match shows that he still has the game, but he's simply not ruthless enough anymore.

Karen said...

Craig, I did not see the match. Watching it as we talk right now, but these young guys these days are what Roger and Andy and the rest of them used to be 8 years ago. They are hungry and they are tired of waiting in the wings. It is not that the old guys have lost their lustre, it is that the young guys are hungry right now and they are mowing down everyone in their path. As to the retirements today, I think because it has been an olympic year this year it has been very hard on all the players both physically and mentally. As to the crowd, the fact that they booed Rafa says it all. Just not nice.

brooklyn1006 said...

The crowd had no mercy for Rafa. The commentators criticized the crowd and I was surprised, too, by their meanness when he retired.

I saw a little of the first set of the Andy vs. Jo match at work...peeking at the computer here and there...but missed the rest. I was rootin' on Tsonga, but hoped Andy would compete well. It sounds like he did, but just couldn't seal the deal.

Geoff Berkeley said...

After watching the drama unfold i completely respect the chair umpire's decision. He was completely in control of the situation and handled it very well. He would not take no for an answer when the operator refused to show the hawk eye decision. He showed who's boss and it was the correct decision.

Also I was very angry to hear the Paris crowd booing Rafa. Why?