Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Federer Withdraws From Stockholm

"2008 has been a tough year for me as I was always playing catch up after being diagnosed with mononucleosis at the beginning of the year. I feel fortunate to be healthy again, but I want to remain at the top of the game for many more years to come and go after the #1 ranking again. In order to do that, I need to get a proper rest and get strong again so that I am 100% fit for the remainder of the year or next year. At this point, I am not sure when I will be ready to play again, but I hope to be back at some point before the end of the year. I apologize to the tennis fans in Sweden as I was looking forward to playing in Stockholm again. The country has produced so many incredible tennis players and the tournament has such a great history. I hope to be able to come back at some point in the future."


At some point in the future?



oddman said...

Woah is right. How interesting.... I wonder what's going on in the Federer camp. Not to mention the rumors around that Cahill may or may not have been asked/is contemplating coming on board as a coach...

Perhaps he simply sees the remainder of 2008 as not enough to gain back the number one ranking, so why not take more time off to rest. You'd think from his recent comments that losing that ranking wasn't a huge deal to Fed though. I do think that it's going to be hard for Fed to catch Rafa by the end of 2008. This essentially assures Rafa of ending 08 as number one, no?

Savannah said...

This is the tournament Blake usually does well at. Let's see if Nalby shows up. If he doesn't will Blake fly to Stockholm?

cate said...

A lot of top players are taking a break, ei? If not taking a break, losing early -- such as with Serena and Ana (no surprise with her).

The guy deserves a break. It's how and when it was said that bug me. Masha put the dot on it when she said she's done for the year. But with this and Roger? Hmm... I doubt he'll miss the BIG tournaments but I guess he'll skip the International Series events.

If he is aiming for a Sampras and finish #1 again, skipping these tournaments where he hasn't played in a long time/at all will prove costly. But I guess that's not on his mind if he is withdrawing. After all, less pressure on him now that he's not #1; less things on his mind; less eyes on him (sort of).

Oh well. That's how it goes, I guess. After 10 years on the pro tour you need a long break.

tangerine said...

The Federer fans are freaking out over this announcement. Once again Roger's choice of words are curious. Didn't he just say after winning USO that he's never felt better? Now all of a sudden he's tired and needs a break to get healthy again? I can understand players needing a break but like I said, Roger's choice of words are curious and they give the impression that he might be ill again.

I have one theory: now that Roger's had some time to actually think about what's happened over the past year, perhaps the shock of it all has finally sunk in and he may be having a delayed PTSD reaction. Realizing that it's futile at this point to catch Rafa and reclaim the number one ranking he's decided it's best to focus only on those tournaments that he is obligated to play and then prepare for his comeback in 2009.

oddman said...

Agree, tangerine. I recall how he announced after his USO win that he'd never felt better, was 'finally healthy again', and so on. I do think both Fed and Nadal have had little opportunity to dwell on either of their summers yet.
Then again, the guy enjoys being mysterious - maybe he's just screwing around with words again. Done it before.

rabbit said...

I agree with Tangerine's last paragraph.

Also, it might be that throughout the season, Roger has been looking to take a break for a few weeks to work on some things in practice and give his body a rest. But can you imagine the outcry there would have been if Roger made this decision before winning the Open? People would have said he was retiring for good, never to come back, etc. Now, winning the doubles gold, the US Open, and the Davis Cup match gives him some leeway to do as he pleases without getting overwhelmed by media criticism. And this is really the only time to take an extra break. I expect him though to be back for Basel, Paris, TMC.

Mad Professah said...

Do all the top players have to play the Masters Series tournaments?

cate said...

Yes, they're required or else they pay a fine.