Saturday, October 25, 2008

Federico Luzzi Passes Away at 28

ATP - Italian ATP pro Federico Luzzi died Saturday morning in a Florence, Italy hospital. The 28-year-old went to a hospital for an illness earlier this week and was discovered with a accute case of leukemia. He went into an irreversible coma Saturday morning, and passed away soon after.

ATP Chairman Etienne de Villiers said, "Losing a young man so tragically in the prime of his life , a son to a loving family and a great sportsman is a terrible blow. Federico was hugely respected by his fellow professionals and was one of the most popular players on the ATP Tour. Federico will be much missed by all who knew him and the thoughts and the prayers of everyone at the ATP are with Federico's family on this very sad day for tennis."

Luzzi, a native of Arezzo, Italy, turned pro in 1998 and he compiled his best season in 2001 when he finished with a year-end high No. 96. That year he reached the quarterfinals in Barcelona, his best ATP result, and won two Challenger titles. He also made his Davis Cup debut.

This year Luzzi attempted to qualify in three ATP level tournaments and he competed in six Challengers, playing his last event in Todi, Italy last month.

He is survived by his father, Maurizio; mother, Paola; and older sister, Francesca.


Karen said...

I have never heard of him before now but my sincere condolences to his family and friends. It is indeed a tragedy to pass away at such a young stage in someone's life. Is there any information as to whether there were any signs that something was wrong. I am amazed that he was diagnosed with leukemia when it was clearly in its end stages. Tragic indeed.

brooklyn1006 said...

Hey Karen, it's very tragic. It kinda reminded me of Gene Upshaw's passing and according to news reports his cancer was diagnosed a month before he passed away. Strange and so sad.

oddman said...

Some leukemias can progress extremely fast. There are different forms of the disease, and some are pretty much unstoppable. How tragic for this young man.
Things like this help me remember not to take life and friends for granted.
All you posters here at Craig's, and Craig too, have a special little niche in my heart. I do think about you daily!

Karen said...

oddman, funny you should mention that because sometimes I have not posted in a while and when I go back to certain places and read through posts I always see people question where is so and so, including me. Sometimes when we post on message boards we need to realise that we have made many friends who really do look out for us and it is good to sort of post that we are taking a break or going on vacation or something. I read news wires about this young man and saw that he had been fined for betting on a match or something. Apparently he was a friend of Flavia as she withdrew from Quebec City citing personal reasons. Speculation is that she was very hurt by his death.
Hey ya brooklyn, how ya doing these days. Is it me or is the tennis season just too long. If it is too long for fans like me can you imagine the players.

Thomas L said...

Are you sure he died of Leukemia? Swedish newspapers have a different story.

Craig Hickman said...

Thomas, I'm reprinting the AP report. What do the Swedish papers say?

brooklyn1006 said...

Thomas, you left us with a! Do tell!

Karen, thanx for the info. on Flavia. I like her lots. When someone passes away at such a young age, it is difficult to process.

Oddman, thanx for the nice thoughts. I post infrequently, but feel the same way about the tennis cyberfriends I've made along the way.

jta said...

hello, acute leukemia is a terrible killer. last week a friend did go to the dentist, there were some complications and he ended in the hospital : acute leukemia. the doctors told that if he had not gone to the dentist he probable had did in some weeks, maybe hartattack, and nobody would have ever known he had acute leukemia. without treatment he would have died within 4 wweks. now withthe chemo he has 50% chance but it will take one year.