Sunday, October 19, 2008

Murray's Your Man

You can have him.


Karen said...

This is GVGirl.

I'm in the middle of Central America on vacation and while I have some internet access, I thought that I would peek in here.

Just seeing this post made me roll on the floor laughing as I can envision Craig's face actually saying it. ROFL.

Love'ya Craig, you let it all out.

OK back to beach. See you next week.

Craig Hickman said...

Thanks for checking in, GV. Enjoy your vacation!!!

tangerine said...

"Murry's your man, you can have him."

Bahahaha. Love it.

brooklyn1006 said...

Very funny caption. roflmao!!

postmoderngirls said...

No, thank you. But if you're giving them away, may I have Rafa please?

tangerine said...

The media's annoying me again. Murray wins a title and now all of a sudden it's the Big Four? Give me a break. Call me when he beats Federer when it counts and wins a slam.