Thursday, October 16, 2008


Feliciano Lopez vs. Rafael Nadal - tricky
Gilles Simon vs. Ivo Karlovic - boring
Andy Murray vs. Gael Monfils - electric
Roger Federer vs. Juan Martin del Potro - interesting


Karen said...

I have seen where a lot of people are all about this Simon fellow. He is to me the most boring player to watch. He is the JJ of the ATP. I saw a part of his match this morning with Ginepri and he basically wore Robby done by getting every freaking ball back. I can see now how he beat Roger earlier in the year. There is absolutely nothing spectacular in his game, but he just frustrates the hell out of those players who are offensive minded. Very boring.

rabbit said...

I agree, Karen.

Also, I don't see how Nadal v. Lopez is tricky. Nadal is one of Lopez's best friends, and in any case, none of the Spaniards seem to give Nadal any trouble. I see this as an easy straight set victory.

I agree that Murray v. Monfils and Federer v. Del Potro are going to be the highlights of the day.

oddman said...

I'd disagree totally, rabbit. Fast court, indoors, big server in Feli? Lots of trouble potentially for Rafa. Plus, his compatriots seem to have little fear of him - Ferrer has beaten him often, Tommy and Feli have played him tough in the past. I'd say tricky too, but think Rafa will prevail.

Helen W said...

Wow, did Andy Murray play well against Monfils -- just nothinig that Gael could do out there.

tangerine said...

Fall tennis is so boring to me. Craig, did you see the Red Sox comeback from being down 7-0 in the 7th inning last night??? Wow!

Craig Hickman said...

I didn't see it, Tangy. But what a comeback!!!