Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raise Your Hand

If you still think Gilles Simon is just a counterpuncher who wins matches simply by running down everything.

If your hand is raised, you're blind.



tangerine said...

*sheepishly puts hand back down*

So this could be the beginning of the end of the Federer-Nadal era. I'm looking forward to the new Simon-Del Potro era. Should be exciting.

*insert wtf smiley*

kraa said...

That is how he usually wins matches, but apparently he is capable of much more than that. Color me surprised...

Simon might be this year's incarnation of Ferrer. Defensive player no doubt, but not a helpless pusher as some less informed folks are claiming.

Karen said...

Sorry, my hand is still raised. So far, I am not impressed with Mr. Simon's game. His mental strength yes, he has that in spades. As I said on this blog, he out Rafaed Rafa

Beth said...

I agree Craig. He really brought it today and showed a will and an energy that I didn't think he owned. He called Rafa to task (tired or not) and he really delivered.