Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roddick Qualifies for Shanghai

We slam him when he deserves it, but Andy Roddick has qualified for his sixth consecutive Masters Cup, beating one of the season's hottest players in Gilles Simon to do it.


oddman said...

'We slam him when he deserves it'.

Yeah, maybe, but we also give him all his due props for his wins! Way to go AGAIN, Andy! Congrats on qualifying for MC once more.

Big raspberry for all those who say Roddick is 'useless' - Andy's consistency each year should be more than enough to dispel that nasty rumor.

Karen said...

and he played controlled aggressive tennis to do it. Good on him. I was rooting for him this morning. I am rooting for all the old guys these days as I hate the fact that everyone is writing off the old guys. I will say it again, at the end of the day experience will win you matches. These new batch of players that everyone is going crazy about - when they prove themselves on the big stages, then I will start taking notice. I watched Andy's match from beginning to end and knowing that Gilles is mentally tough on break points I had a few racing heart moments this morning but good on him for pulling it out in 2