Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Kisses

David Nalbandian returns to his usual indoor form to beat homeboy Robin Soderling 6-2, 5-7, 6-3 at the If Stockholm Open.

Igor Kunitsyn beat back a feisty Marat Safin 7-6(6), 6-7(4), 6-3 to take the Kremlin Cup for the first time.

Three for three. Jelena Jankovic downed Vera Zvonereva 6-2, 6-4 to win the Kremlin Cup, her third tournament victory in as many weeks.

Phillip Petzschner was too giddy to kiss his first ATP trophy in his first ATP final. He dismissed Gael Monfils 6-4, 6-4.


Karen said...

Does no one care about tennis anymore? The No. 1 player on the women's side has won her 3rd title in as many weeks and no commentary. LOL and the Fall player (Nalby) has come out for his time of the season and no one cares? LOL

brooklyn1006 said...

Hi Karen! I just can't be all fake and phony. I don't like I am happy for Nalby. He likes playing indoors without the heat, humidity, and wind. I have atpmastersseriestv so I am excited about the Madrid tournament starting tomorrow. And, of course, I'll be rooting on Venus in Zurich!!

Karen said...

brooklyn, I am with you I cannot stand her either. Someone posted over at that with her playing this well she is a lock for the AO. That is what they said in 2007 and that is what they said for the USO this year and the FO this year and she never won any of them. She is now playing 5 weeks in a row and then come November it will be the season ending championships, even if she wins that she is going to have to play players who are coming in fresh and well rested. Come January she is going to have to deal with players whose sole purpose in life is to win grand slams (exhibit A - Serena Williams). Then what will she do. I am sure that Ana is going to get her game back by January and Maria's shoulder should be healed by that time. Dinara has nothing to defend in the early part of the season and for that matter neither does Serena. Let us see what Janky can do.

MMT said...

Wow - I guess Jankovic has her work cut out for her to win over folks on this blog!

What I like about Jankovic's game is that it lacks the power of the slam winners, but somehow she finds ways to win, albeit no at the most opportuned times! I enjoy her angles, her defense, and her competitiveness.

Fair enough, I find her injury time-outs to be ridiculous, but there aren't too many women on tour who don't abuse that and the coaching rule, perhaps with the exception of the Williams sisters. They generally play things straight up, and leaving room for evidence to the contrary, can't really be accused of bending the rules in their own favor.

That being said, Jankovic has done pretty well outside the slams, and if she wins a majority of the Tier 1 points, even without a slam, I would say there can be no questions about her worthiness as #1. The way points are allocated now, she merely has to perform consitently (not necessarily win everything) to obtain the #1 ranking, and that's not good for tennis.

Karen said...

mmt, good points. It will have to take more than a chasing of points and beating up players who have never actually fulfilled their potential for me to see her as a worthy No. 1. I have tried on many occassions to look at this girl objectively and every time that I try to take something away from her matches and say well, she does play pretty well and she has a nice game, I keep going back to those incidents with Venus at the FO last year, this year's USO, this year's AO and I just cannot get it out of my mind that she is not what she appears to be. I am not put off by the smile and all that. Venus is my favourite player of all time. She embodies everything that I like about a woman who puts her character above everything else and to see JJ laughing at her at last year's FO and fast serving Venus left a really bad taste in my mouth. I will never be able to look past that situation and embrace her and if she is the future of the WTA, I am sorry but I will stop watching unless true sportswomen are playing.

Jeff said...

Man, I wasn't expecting someone like Petszchner to come through in that Vienna tournament, especially with the relatively strong draw there!

I agree about Jankovic, she hasn't sold me yet. If/when she wins her first major, I will be able to respect her as someone that comes through on the big occasions, but until then, it is kind of hard to give her the respect a normal #1 would get.