Saturday, November 29, 2008

Arrested (Updated)

Jimmy Connors continues to promote his bad boy image.

UPDATE: Connors has released a statement via Bloomberg:

Connors, 56, issued a statement thorough his business manager Karen Scott Happer saying he was picking up tickets for the game with his son Brett when he was twice confronted by a man who made derogatory comments and physical contact.

An altercation ensued and when campus police arrived, they told Connors to leave the campus.

“Jimmy said he wanted to stay and wait for his son to watch the game, and as a result was taken into custody,” the statement said. “Police told Jimmy that he was being taken into custody for ‘being a non-student refusing to leave the campus.’ Jimmy is extremely disappointed and embarrassed about the way the situation was handled.”

UPDATE: Connors charged for altercation at basketball game.

Tennis great Jimmy Connors has been charged with a misdemeanor for an altercation last week before a basketball game between UC Santa Barbara and top-ranked North Carolina.

Connors, an eight-time Grand Slam champion, was charged Wednesday in Santa Barbara Superior Court with disrupting campus activities and refusing to leave a university facility.

His business manager, Karen Scott, says a man tried to pick a fight with Connors and his son before Friday night’s game and police asked him to leave. Scott says Connors was arrested after he said he wanted to wait for his son to finish watching the game.

She says he was “extremely disappointed and embarrassed” about the incident.


Beth said...

He seemed to have been so much more composed and dignified these last few years. I'm surprised (should I be?) that he let himself get out of control enough to get himself arrested. Come on's time to be a big boy now.

MMT said...

I love how he's disappointed at how "...the situation was handled..."

By whom? Himself? Then he should just say that. Just because you think you're the cat's meow doesn't mean you don't have to leave when someone tells you to get off their property.

I have to say I'm surprised, but not surprised. Maybe he has an exhibition or some videos to promote.