Sunday, November 16, 2008

Battle of the N.D.'s

Wasn't that much of a battle really. The younger N.D. beat the elder N.D. and finished the year as he began it. Good for him. Good for his fans. I remain uninspired.

Nenad Zimonjic of Serbia and Daniel Nestor of Canada beat Bob and Mike Bryan to win the doubles title and finish the year atop the rankings, stopping the American twins from four top finishes in a row.


JP said...

Sour as ever on the Djokovic front.

If you can't say anything courteous, or at the very least entertaining, then say nothing at all.

Craig Hickman said...

I can say what I want.

It's my blog.

If you don't like it, don't read it.

Or better yet, follow your own advice and say nothing at all.

Pamela said...

"I remain uninspired" - excellent summation. I am of the same mind. I so wanted Davydenko to win this, or Simon or Murray or or ... anybody but Djokovic. Blah.

Beth said...

I still haven't made up my mind entirely about Djokovic. Sometimes he seems to be okay and other times he is just so frustrating to watch and listen to. I wonder if, as the years pass, his self aggrandizing attitude will pass? He certainly has talent and could win over a lot more fans with a change in how he projects himself. I can't say I hate watching him but not sure how he is going to evolve....couldn't watch the match on Master TV as I was out at a family function. Was it a blowout?

oddman said...

Heh heh.
Some people. Too much.
Heh heh.

Didn't see the match, good for Djoko, I had no vested interest in either fella. Just glad the season is finally over. Whew. Go get some rest, boys, and come back inspired and inspiring.

Craig Hickman said...

Beth, the first set went by so fast I missed it.

It was a blowout in the sense that Davydenko was fighting himself at least as much as he was fighting Djoke.

A few good points here or there, but by and large, it was one-sided.

tangerine said...

I am happy with Djokovic's win, although I agree that the final itself was rather forgettable. I think a Davydenko win would have been far worse for TMC's credibility.

I agree with oddman that it's a relief the season is finally over. It's crazy that tennis players only have one month off to rest and then train again for the new season! No other sport is as physically demanding as tennis with such a short off-season.

2009 is going to be a corker.

tw said...

Congrats to Zimonjic and Nestor who are both going to be first time fathers in December. The Bryans will be back as they are only 30. Z and N are going to enjoy one or two more years of fun and hard work then probably retire, IMO.

lapidus48 said...

A digression: Zheng Jie in your current "photo of the moment" is one hot looking lady in that V cutaway. Yowsah!

As for the N.D. battle: Djokovic is one unappetising tennis mega-star. I saw the match on a Saturday and I was underwhelmed by it--neither Davydenko's or Djokovic's play sent a charge up my leg.

lapidus48 said...

Great blog, Hicks! IT's a pleasure seeing it evolve over the course of a year.

Craig Hickman said...


That's a great photo, isn't it?

Thanks for the feedback.