Saturday, November 22, 2008

Men Of The Year

No, this isn't about Barack Obama. He just happens to be on the cover of the GQ that features Rafael Nadal. After that racist hit job GQ ran on Rafa last year, this is a nice comeback. Click on the spread to enlarge it. (Thanks, Tangy.)


tangerine said...

Loving the new blog colors, Craig. It's that time of year where I need to update my blog's design, too.

I don't remember what GQ said about Rafa last year that was racist. What was it?

I'm glad to see Rafa is getting some attention in the US. We know he's a star around the world but I'd like to see him get more exposure in the US. A few Nike commercials during slams would be nice to see.

Spain won doubles, wow! They just may end up winning this thing after all (fingers crossed).

Beth said...

Wow Craig, you've been busy! Love the look of the site! Yes, please tell us what GQ said last year about Rafa. I'm pretty much on top of all things Rafa but don't remember them slamming him last year. Do tell....