Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Master

He did it. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga became the first Frenchman in seven years to win the BNP Paribas Masters, became the first black player ever to win the men's Paris Indoors, became the new No. 1 French player, and has qualified for the Masters Cup.

"I'm going to go there (Shanghai) really to represent France and all my family and my friends," said Tsonga. "That's it. I'm going to represent everyone and I'm going to give my best. I think the Masters will be a very important moment for me. Maybe another great victory could maybe replace this one."

The son of an African man and a white woman makes history today.

A foreshadowing?


dapxin said...

He's been on my watchlist since I discovered the carbon-copy Mo. Ali January.

Congratulations Tso!

rabbit said...

Allez Jo et Obama! :)

unbelievable said...

Now that he has become a great french superstar maybe he can educate the despicable french crowd not to boo any player who isn't french, and to applaud the point, not the player.

Karen Flax-Jardine said...


I was thinking the same thing....


tangerine said...

It is appropriate that Jo should end the season this way, he bookends a year that saw tennis fans embrace a new and exciting French talent at the Australian Open and now we are reintroduced to him again as a true talent that is capable of winning the big titles and, barring injury, is here to stay. France may finally have a valid slam champion in their midst. It's a shame the Parisians have to spoil it with their classless behavior towards non-French players (not to mention those tasteless topless models).

I said it on MTF and I'll say it here, this could very well be Roddick's last year in the top ten. Unless he gets his choking under control he will not make another slam final. I pray he can do something about this over the break and finds a really good coach who can instill some confidence in him, and help him get back to playing his normal game of power serve+forehand. Who cares if it's one-dimensional? It works! I've been thinking how ironic it is that Andy has improved his game over the years in an effort to become a more "complete" player, and yet he seems to have become a worse player for it! Every year he falls another step behind and he drops down a notch in the top ten. The new generation will be making big waves next year and I fear Andy may be caught in the riptide.

And happy day to the USA, the election is tomorrow and thank almighty God our long national nightmare will finally be over.

MMT said...

Roddick's plight is fascinating - he has gotten worse since he has tried to develop a more complete game, but his technical deficiencies are multiple, and not restricted to his attacking game.

His forehand has lost a lot of bite, particularly when the points get tight, and I just think he's lost that racquet head acceleration you need to hit it the way he does with any consistency. Instead, he seems to push that shot as much as his backhand.

But his biggest problems is his approach shots - I've never seen anyone so committed to attacking get passed so often. For that matter, Federer's approach shots are often very weak, but he's a better volleyer than Roddick, so he can make up for it - but he gets passed a lot too.

For me, Roddick's only hope is to work with someone who can improve his approach shots, and get his to stand closer to the baseline. Otherwise, he's got no shot of winning a major again.