Monday, November 03, 2008

Rafael Withdraws From TMC Shanghai

by Savannah

Right choice as far as I'm concerned. There are people who look for any excuse to tear this man down and I'm sure they'll do so. What they should not forget is that this was an Olympic Year and most of the top players played one extra event. It won't make any difference to them but it is what it is.

And for those who think he's faking I have one word for you: Chennai. Try to watch it sometime. This man doesn't quit unless he has to.
Savannah's World


Beth said...

I agree with you 100% percent on this Rafa gives it ALL every match, every tournament and he's played some that he probably shouldn't have (like last week against Davydenko). He made the right decision. He needs, desperately, some time to recoup and give his body and mind the rest they need. God bless, Rafa. Rest, you deserve it.

Craig Hickman said...

My guy as taken a pass on the Masters Cup.

Those who would make a big deal of it have too much time on their hands.

Mad Professah said...

Who gets his spot? Nalbandian or Blake?

Tennis Blogger said...

Gilles Simon of France will replace him.

sG said...

He made a choice and it was certainly the correct one. Last I checked (around early August) he had played the most matches out of anyone on tour, 17 more than whoever is in second. Add that to the stresses of an Olympic year and yeah, Rafa needs to sit out for a while. I suspected he would have to make a choice between The Masters and Davis Cup. How very 'Nadal' to choose DC, lol.

I agree that those who hate him will try to spin gold out of hay -- don't care. He's been number one since August; he's the year-end number one; god willing, he'll retain that position deep into next year and beyond. The best prescription now is: rest now, destroy all comers later. :grin:

MMT said...

Obviously Rafa can play in whatever tournaments he wants. I think the issue here is that he has opted to skip TMC in exchange for his best level of fitness for the Davis Cup.

TMC doesn't mean as much if the #1 player in the world doesn't participate, although it is his right to do so. But I think the ATP really need to start making serious changes on the schedule.

It's absurd to have in 2 months span 2 MS tourneys TMC and the Davis Cup final, and expect everyone to be ready to participate 100% in all.

I think the solution is to restrict the # of matches a player may play in the season, including the Davis Cup. This keeps all players at a minimum level of freshness, and prevents them racking up matches in smaller events if they're highly ranked.

Finally, TMC should be reduced to 7 tournaments instead of 9 and the Australian Open should be moved as far back on the schedule as weather will permit.

Beth said...

Couldn't have said it better mmt. You're absolutely spot on!

Beth said...

Great piece here about the tour scheduling issues: