Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ready For Her Closeup

It was a long time coming. But Venus Williams finally scores a season ending title with a 6-7(5), 6-0, 6-2 victory over Vera Zvonareva in Doha. Go head, sistergirl. Go head.

WTA match recap


Karen said...

A very good day for Venus. The message board are buzzing about the fact that Serena did not get up and congratulate Venus on her win. There are times when it is really hard to defend Serena especially when she says and does things that make you cringe. Regardless, that was an impressive victory by Venus today. 28 years old and still able to put a beat down on Top 10 players. I wonder what does that say about Venus. Nothing. We all knew that she was talented and had the skills to beat anyone on tour. What does it say about the rest of the tour. Nothing. They will just have to play much better when they face Venus. I am so happy for her. She did good 5-0 and a big fat paycheque to boot. Glad to see that the stands were full to overflowing today during the final match, especially after the dearth of spectators during round robin and semis play.

dapxin said...


Serena likes to see herself as some kind of a god. a spoilt one @that, and I am sure Venus + the rest of the williamses' indulge her.

It wont mean a thing to them she didnt get up, she's probably thinking, oh! well Venus won, thats not big news, except against me or something similar.

Its arrogant, but its her way lol

Karen said...

daxpin, someone posted elsewhere the we should have mixed doubles with Serena and Federer as partners. They would probably win but the press conference afterwards would be a case of who was the better player and neither player stating that the other one helped.
Serena: well, it was awesome that Roger was there but I think my serve and backhand helped
Roger: well playing with Serena is always good, but my forehand and net game were working perfectly today and I think that was key.
It would be hilarious really. Talk about egomaniacs but I love them both.

Pamela said...

Why would there be a need to defend Serena? People really irk me presuming to understand the complexity of a sibling relationship that we view only from the outside. If Serena was such a bitter person, she would have just left the event as most assumed she would. We really don't know, and we need to stop pretending we can read body language sooo well. The camera pans for 3 seconds and it's read as if it's that is all that takes place. I've seen Venus sitting at her matches texting and on her Blackberry plenty of times, does that mean she doesn't support Serena? Please, give me a break. Just like after Wimbledon, Serena was irked that she lost, was it supposed to be happy happy joy joy because she lost to her sister? No. She's a competitor, but to her sister nature she left up the win and the article praising Venus up on her site until well after the Olympics, but no one noticed that, I'm sure.

Pamela said...

Oh, and congratulations to Venus! Excellent win for her and she played fantastic. If she keeps her form, the tour better beware in Australia, she just may win that elusive title.

lapidus48 said...

Big ups for Venus. Both sisters show an affinity for the big moment, this year. Hope it continues. I'm sorry I missed any of the telecasts.