Monday, November 10, 2008

Wounded Knee

Rafael Nadal: "The knee said no."

Rafal Nadal gave a press conference in Barcelona, Spain a short time ago to announce his withdrawal from the Davis Cup final.

From the AP:
Rafael Nadal will miss Spain’s Davis Cup final against Argentina because of a knee injury.

The top-ranked Nadal said Monday he was still struggling with tendinitis in his right knee following a week of treatment.

“The knee said no,” the 22-year-old said.

Spain team doctor Angel Ruiz-Cotorro said Nadal would need three to six weeks to recover from the injury.

“These are very difficult moments, but I have done all that I could to be ready for the final,” he said. “It was a huge objective, and I’m used to playing with pain, but this is a distinct, new pain that I couldn’t control.”

Nadal’s absence deals a big blow to Spain’s bid for a third Davis Cup title since 2000. Spain captain Emilio Sanchez Vicario has until Tuesday to name his team.

Spain plays Argentina on indoor hard court at Mar del Plata from Nov. 21-23.

You know the season's too long when the world number one player has to pull out of a much-anticipated Davis Cup final. A final that was so important to him he actually pulled out of Paris AMS in order to better prepare.

Argentina couldn't have asked for a better gift.


Karen said...

I wish Roger would also pull out of TMC to rest his back and stop trying to defend or chase ranking points. Phewt. 3-6 weeks for tendinitis. That is not good. That means that will severely affect his preparation for the Australian Open. This season was really too long what with the Olympics etc. I think what really did Nadal in this year was not only the season but when he saw that he had the chance to get the NO. 1 ranking he went out like a man with a mission to ensure that he got that No. 1 ranking. This ranking thing is really what is going to do in a lot of players in their careers because everyone expects you to be on top of your game all the time not realising just how difficult it is not only to reach the top but to actually stay there. I sincerely wish him all the best.
In addition, it is not only his knees that are giving trouble. He is also having problems with his serving shoulder.

oddman said...

I still have a bit of faith in the recuperative powers of a 22 year old body. Methinks Rafa has plenty of time to recover in time for the AO, as long as he stays the course now, and takes it easy on those knees. Sure, go to Argentina and cheer on your team-mates, but stay off the court yourself!

Vamos, Rafa!

Karen said...

Oddman, recuperative powers yes, but whenever things like this happen to athletes who are as intense about their craft as Rafa is, I only have to remember Serena Williams circa 2003. Decided not to play the USO because she needed surgery on her knee. Never been the same player since. I also have major reservations about Sharapova and her ability to compete at the top levels when she returns from her almost 6 month layoff due to issues with her shoulder. I am a 44 year old woman who could stand to lose a bit of weight, and I can tell you that I do not exert as much pressure on my body when I play like these young people do and the constant pummelling of your body from hard, to clay, to grass, and back to hard courts again does take its toll on your body after awhile. I am hoping that as you say his 22 year old body recovers fast but Rafa will have to learn to let some balls go by him. Nothing wrong if you let your opponent hit 1 or 2 winners in a match.

Pamela said...

Good for Rafa. I would rather that he err on the side of caution and learning to listen to his body than to push himself to please others and quiet some of the critics. They love to talk about how he finishes the year, but this year he finishes with 2 slams, an Olympic Gold and the #1 ranking. He's only human, although a Super Man to some - he has earned the rest. I'm sure he's disappointed to miss the Davis Cup final, but perhaps it will incite his team to have an inspired performance, no?

Here's to Rafa winning the 2009 AO!

John said...

As a Argentina fan, I have to say that I'm happy to hear this as everyone knows this season, Rafa has been playing like from another planet.

But what waste, as I felt his presence will only lift the Davis Cup final to whole new level. A big lost for the final.

I'm sure many people in Argentina are going to feel sad for not being able to see him in action.

As for the neutral, they might have been looking forward to see him going head to head with Del Potro.

But nothing is lost yet, Spain are still as tough as hell and Argentina must play their best game against them. It will be a real cracker to watch.

Care to share with us about this? I'm sure we would love to hear your thoughs about the final minus Rafa.