Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Face(s) Of The Day II


Supporters cheer for Roger Federer of Switzerland during his men's singles match against Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on January 27, 2009.


Beth said...

I thought that Del Potro's post match interview was odd. So brief, they only asked him the basic 'what the hell happened' type question and he was very brief, just claiming he did the best he good and that he couldn't do anything more. There HAS to be more to it. Was he sick? Did he sleep like crap the night before? You don't get bageled in the last two sets like he did just because Federer was playing well. I watched the match and Del Potro couldn't hit a ball to save his life those last two sets. It was actually painful to watch. Anyone hear of any reason for his faxed in performance?

Craig Hickman said...

That's how he always plays Federer. Or rather, that's how he always doesn't play Federer.