Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fierce. Stompin'. Diva.


After she won the point of the match to serve for the match.


Ayodapo said...

me v Serena fighting for number 1 and the slam, that will be some fight.

paraphrasing D.Safina.

Serena better bring all her groove final day, cos this girl isnt gonna crack easily from that l00k on her face.

tangerine said...

Serena must win AO to keep her off year record in tact, along with Andy's SF off year record. It's like they mirror one another. :p

Safina is looking great but I don't think she's mentally ready yet to win a slam.

Roddick choked badly against Roger again, nothing new to report there. I was reading around the web and remember a comment somebody made about Roger's cakewalk draws, that he's faced a slew of journeymen, chokers, and now his pigeon to get to the final, lol. How's Roger going to handle Rafa when he's barely been tested?

Watch it be Verdasco in the final.

Craig Hickman said...

If Safina wins a set, I'll be shocked.

I haven't seen the Andy-Fed match, and I doubt I'll bother.

Sasha said...

Why? Serena isn't in fabulous form.

Craig Hickman said...

Why? Because this is a Slam final. She's lost to exactly two players in Slam finals in her entire career: her sister and Maria Sharapova.

Safina is a good player playing with a lot of confidence, but this is Slam final at Serena's best Slam.

I'll be shocked if Safina wins more than 8 games.