Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hot Sauce


That's what his fans call him. You know. His last name sounds like Tobasco. Whatever you call him, who woulda thought he would be the first lefty from Spain into the semifinals of this Australian Open? With Fernando Verdasco's 7-6(2), 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 thumping of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, that's exactly who he is. His best showing at a Slam.

His hot streak continues.


sG said...

Without fully realizing it, I started scouting Verdasco as a potential semifinal opponent for Nadal during this match.

His confidence is huge, which allows his swings at the ball to really crackle, finding lines and corners. His serving is ridiculous -- Nadal will need all his defensive skills. Verdasco is not perfect but he is tough. He is not the same player against which Rafa racked up a 6:0 win ratio. However, this hardcourt version of Rafa is hardly the same either. We'll see which incarnation wins out.

(Hopefully Rafa's ^^)

oddman said...

Fantastic win by Hot Sauce! What a great match he played - much stronger mentally than I've seen him before. Some credit must go to Reyes and Agassi for that.

Boy, two lefties, lots of firepower, can't predict the winner of that one.

Beth said...

May the force be with you!

Mad Professah said...

Same as it ever was: Raja-Rafa in the final again... Maybe they'll play all FOUR this year? :)

tangerine said...

What's this "Stop in the name of love" pose he keeps doing? LOL.

Verdasco to be this year's surprise AO finalist? Or will that be Roddick? ;)

It's great to see him finally living up to his potential. Winning DC did him a world of good.

Here's hoping for a dream Verdasco/Roddick final.

oddman said...

I dunno, Mad Prof. Verdasco's looking real good. Full of confidence. Reyes has been the 'Horse Whisperer' all tournament, and whatever he's doing, it's working. I may just be talking nervyous 'cause it's Rafa who will play him next, though.

I give Rafa the edge, but not by much margin.

Craig predicted Verdasco as his dark horse - good eyes, Craig. I thought he had the game to take out Tsonga, and he executed it to perfection.