Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How Serena Got Her Groove Back

They closed the roof. So her return improved, her footwork improved, her serve improved. Yes, Sveta choked, but that was to be expected. I wasn't convinced Serena wouldn't do the same.

It was the best two winning sets of tennis she has played all week.

She'll need to be even better to beat the tour's hottest player in the semifinals.

The roof will be closed.


dapxin said...

Trust me, the only one prayer remaining: that the n00bs at AO freaking keep that roof locked!

There is none of the 3 to stop Serena playing as she did today(s2 n s3)

soap bubble set said...

Serena marches on through; I am positive!!!

soap bubble set said...

P.S. Cool pic.

Pamela said...

Happy thoughts Craig!

sG said...

I'm extremely happy Serena's is through -- but not so much with the wilting. Dementieva looked as if she could cruise through three sets. I'm glad the roof will be closed, it ups Serena's chances; for the sake of her game, I wish she would sharpen her conditioning a bit.

Still, at least she stayed with the match and never gave up. I can't believe Sveta let go of a 5-3 lead in the second! Gained while the roof was closed too! She definitely had her chances. The closed roof gave Serena a desperately needed foothold but it certainly didn't give her the match.

MMT said...

SG I agree, even Serena gave too much credit to the roof. She indicated she had problems with her concentration in the heat, but the real change in her game came when she buckled down and started belting the ball like only she can. I don't see Dementieva beating her in the semi-final, particularly if the roof is closed, as it apparently will be.

tangerine said...

Choke artists like Kuznetsova are why I don't like watching women's tennis. These Russians are all the same, overhyped and mental midgets. I'd be shocked if Dinara or Elena could hold it together long enough to win a big title.

On the other hand, players like Serena are why women's tennis used to (and still can) be great. Too bad there's only one of them.