Tuesday, January 27, 2009

If You Can't Stand The Heat

Then get the eff out the kitchen.

Andy TKO'd Djoke
6-7(4), 6-4, 6-2, 2-1 ret.

Huge victory.


First win in a Slam
over a top 3
since winner's circle
US Open 2003.

And he moved like it.
Served like it.
Fought like it.
Acted like it.

Djoke has now retired
in 4 Slams.
We all knew
this one
was coming.

I've compared
Djoke to Andy.
I wrote about
the hype
way back when.

Andy lost in the quarterfinals
trying to defend
his first Slam title.
He just stopped Djoke
in the same round.



Mad Professah said...

I'm speechless. Wow, good on ya, mate!

vince said...


Did Djokovic pull out for genuine medical reasons, or it was mainly mental?

As noted, he has pulled out of 4 slams which would indicate some kind of lack of mental strength.

Also, do you think he saw Andy was gonna beat him so he decided to 'retire' rather than man up, play the game out and take it on the chin?

MMT said...

Vince - Djokovic has a long history of running from a fight, so this is just a continuation of a pattern of (very bad) behavior.

In 2007 he became the first player in the history of the game to retire from a semi-final at Wimbledon when he quit against Nadal.

Last year he quit in the middle of a World Group Davis Cup match against Davydenko when he was leading 2 sets to 1, and later quit down a set and a break to Roger Federer in the semi-final in Monte Carlo.

I don't know what goes through the head of a guy like the Djoker, but I really don't see how someone of that character can ever become #1 in the world. He just seems to be too quick to quit.

tangerine said...

Somebody over at MTF said Novak was one win away from the Retirement Slam. He's retired from every slam except USO.

Craig Hickman said...

Patrick McEnroe said the exact same thing about the retirement Slam on ESPN.

Roy said...

I don't know. Monfils retired and said he didn't know why he did and maybe it was in his head. Cahill said he retires 1 in 27 matches and he is suspect.

mznblue said...


After reading Monfils transcript from his post-match, it's clear that Monfils was not able to clearly express himself in English, and Cahill attached a different meaning to what he said.

In addition, I've never known Monfils to retire from a match because he was losing. If he retires, it's because he's injured. The man is made of glass.

Djokovic, for reasons only known by him, has made a name for himself by retiring when losing, or calling for trainers to throw his opponents off. Even though Novak was clearly feeling the conditions, I'm sure he would have continued on if Andy had not have kept his head.

Roy said...

Well what is the final word on why Monfils retired?

and Monfils only retires when he is winning and happens to get injured?

MMT said...

I think it was our friend Roy, and not Cahill, who has misconstrued Monfils explanation.


"Q. Do you know how it happened?

GAEL MONFILS: Happen during the game slowly. Then like when I really feel it was at 3‑1 for Gilles. I mean, it was maybe 3‑0 I serve, that service game, then I start to feel it like very heavy.
Then I asked the physio. I was thinking maybe it was on my head. Then I say, I feel it. I ask the physio and finish."

In other words, at first he thought it may have been in his head, so he asked for the physio, and then realized it was indeed an injury.

That said, I think Cahill was a bit harsh - retiring 1 in 27 matches is probably as much down to his reckless style of play than a lack of heart...not that he's exactly a lionheart or anything, just that it's harsh to cite that statistic as a question of his heart. He does spend a lot of time injured.

Djokovic on the other hand is injured one minute, then running like crazy the next. He has a breathing problem one week, then wins an MS title the next.

He's an a djoke.

Beth said...

GREAT post Craig! I am with you 100%. That first set was like a house on fire! Andy really delivered. I was shocked at how quickly the wheels fell of Djokovic.

vw said...

I think Cahill was a bit harsh - retiring 1 in 27 matches is probably as much down to his reckless style of play than a lack of heart

Anyone have Monfils retirement stats?