Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Oh. That Should Be Quick."

Hubby, who pretty much only watches tennis when walking through the living room, asked me who Serena was playing in the final. When I told him, that was his answer.

How right he was.

Dinara Safina wept.

You would too if facing the crushing onslaught of serves and forehands from the Fierce Stompin' Diva.

That was Serena Williams' second Melbourne final to the loss of only three games.

And the roof was open. Her first Melbourne title outdoors.

Double digits, baby. Double digits.

Back on top of the world.

Go on, girl.







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rikyrah said...

Serena LOOKS fantastic. Fabulous. I LOVE the blue outfit.

Luv me some Serena.

Craig Hickman said...

Join the club, rikyrah.

Nice to see you over here!!!

oddman said...

Congratulations Serena! Wow, 10 slams - that is amazing!

Your hubby comes up with some good lines, doesn't he, Craig. LOL

Craig Hickman said...

Yes, oddman. He does.