Monday, January 26, 2009

Quarterfinal Predictions

I'd like to say I have some, but I don't.

I suspect the two quarterfinals featuring the top seeds on the men's side will be blowouts. The other two could go either way.

For the women, I'd love nothing more than to see the young Spaniard with the vicious backhand take on the Fierce Stompin' Diva, and the Comeback Kid I'm falling in love with face the Maid.

When was the last time Melbourne had a surprise woman finalist?

Who you got?


MMT said...

Nadal def Simon (in 3)
Verdasco def Tsonga (in 5)
JMDP def Federer (in 4)
Djokovic def Roddick (in 4)

Bartholi def Zvonoreva (in 2)
Safina def Dokic (in 3)
Suarez Navarro def Dementieva over (in 3)
Williams over Kuznetzova (in 3)

Pamela said...

Rafa def. Simon - 3
Verdasco def. Ali - 4
Federer def. JMDP - 3

Dinara def. Dokic - 2 (ankle must be killing her by now)
CSN def. Elena - 3
Serena def. Svetlana - 2
Bartoli def. Vera - 3

MMT said...

Who do you think will win between the Djoker and Roddick? And Williams Kuznetsova?

Pamela said...

Oh, I forgot the Roddick ..Djokovic match. I'm going out on a limb and picking Andy in 4.

dapxin said...

seems boy boy Andy is gonna pull this one in 3.

Boy Djkovic's lost the initiative already..

Enjoyable game.

kraa said...

Too late to predict it all, but for the remaining ones:

Rafa def Simon (4)
Verdasco def Tsonga (4)

Dementieva def CSN (2)
Serena def Svetlana (3)