Friday, January 30, 2009

Quote For The Day

"No, but I think, for sure, the semifinals supposed to be the same day, both semifinals, because I think, you know, is the most fair for everybody, no? Because like right now, yesterday Federer play three sets, and today Rafa play five sets, five hours, and he will have one day less, and with a semifinal much longer.

"I think that for sure they supposed to play the two semifinals like the womans, the same day. And I think also with two weeks, you have enough days to make the schedule right and have it like this.

"But I don't know why they did it, no? I promise, I didn't know that Federer was playing yesterday. I thought that yesterday was playing only girls, and today two semifinals. When I saw that he was playing yesterday, I was a little bit in shock. I was like, Why he's playing one day before us? He will have much recover, and in the final he will have a little bit more of advantage because he had one day more.

"So I don't know why they did it. And I think that, for sure, they need to change it."

--Fernando Verdasco


Anny said...

De acuerdo!

SarooQ said...

I heard somewhere...can't verify it though..i think it was another message board, that Tsonga asked for his half to go second so he could have an extra day of rest.....But then someone also mentioned that The returning Champion (i.e. Djoke) gets to play first???? Who knows....???

Beth said...

I don't get why they let someone have their semi a full 24 hours ahead of the other semi. It seems totally unfair. Screw programming. Show some fairness to the players for heavens sake! I was feeling for both Nadal and Verdasco during this semi thinking of Federer resting watching this while they sweated it out for FIVE PLUS hours....knowing that one of them would have to rally to the cause short on rest and recuperation. It just plain sucks for them.

sG said...

Did they do this for ratings?! It's not right to unfairly disadvantage the top half of the draw to jack up viewer numbers.

Anywho. 48 Hrs down time (more like 44 after that marathon) is still a good deal of recovery time. It's not three days but it's nothing to cry about. It is a very good thing Nadal took care of previous opponents in 3; his body should be relatively fresh and have a relatively easier time bouncing back.

This is the same Rafa who played 6-7 days in a row leading up to the 2007 Wimbledon final -- and still managed to push Federer to 5 sets with Fed only managing breaks of serve (that stuck?) in that final set. I believe in Rafa's ability to bounce back.


oddman said...

Me too. He's 22. And like Craig says, heart of a lion. I think that's just a little scary for some Fedfans around the boards.

Right now he has no pressure - it's all on Fed. Rafa's gone one better this year at the AO, has a legit chance in the final, though it won't be easy, and it's all gravy imho.

oddman said...

And what a generous spirit is Verdasco - he didn't have to say any of that. He just got his own hopes of reaching a slam final dashed by the very man he's defending. And he's cheering for that man to win it all. Kudos to Nando!