Friday, February 06, 2009

Big Ticket Item

This news will excite the people:

Steffi Graf and husband Andre Agassi are being lined up for a nostalgic return to Wimbledon to play in exhibition matches which will test conditions under the new Centre Court roof.

Negotiations with the couple are said to be at an advanced stage for the event on May 17 that is hoped to be played before a full house of 15,000.

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi

Graf retired in 1999 while Agassi has been out of the game for two years and the pair spend most of their time at their main home in Las Vegas. The American would face Tim Henman in a singles match while Graf's opponent could be Belgium's former world No 1 Kim Clijsters.


Michael said...

Excited!!! I wish I could see it, even on TV, but I doubt it will be shown on TV.

Matt said...

I freakin' heart Steffi! I WISH it would be shown on TV. She is a superstar! =)