Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caption This



vw said...

Rafa should have retired in set 2 he obviously couldn't push off on his leg at all or hit a forehand.

oddman said...

"Jeez, they invite us to the buffet and all they give me is this little salad plate? Where'd you get yours?"

Beth said...

I love your comments oddman! I watched this match on TennisTV and it was really rough. Rafa should have retired. He basically just 'endured' the 3rd set. It was hard to watch. I hope he gives himself whatever time necessary to heal, if it's the tendonitis again in his knee. I can't imagine that the points he gained from making it to this final was worth it from a physical perspective.

oddman said...

Awww, thanks Beth. (blushing)

It was a bit tough to watch. Apparently his postmatch comments were pretty positive, the knee's not 'as bad as Bercy', he didn't think it would be a big problem, planning to go to Dubai... (sorry, don't have the actual quotes, read it at VB)

Not a high quality final. Kudos to AndyM for the win, but I thought he played much better in Doha myself. ITA with Craig that AndyM's just the guy to give Rafa fits on hardcourt, no matter how many legs Rafa is standing on. Good on him for that!