Friday, February 20, 2009

Face Of The Day

Venus Williams poses for her sister's Blackberry before doing the real thing for Marie Claire magazine.


dapxin said...

are you watching V v S as it is about to stat now ?

Its live here for anyone and the atmosphere is groooooooooving already.

Craig Hickman said...

I'm not. Too many virus from all those free live streams.

Beth said...

Love that tennis-ball-do!!!!

charags said...

Thanks daxpin for the streaming URL.

I'm watching it and ... they really do seem to play so effortlessly; as if they just walk in there, hit some balls and, oh, also, generate fabulous rallies!

b said...

Was a fantastic match! And the crown LOVED it.....

dapxin said...

craig.haha n00b.

what browser do you use ? IE?

I use Opera + I dont even bother with an antivirus, altho I am very tech saavy.

If you use Opera and install adblockers, geez livestreams are safe

The streams dont bring the bad stuff. the ads does


yeah the match was very good altho it broke the fans hearts Vee won :)