Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Face Of The Day II


Austrian tennis player Daniel Koellerer celebrates his victory against Argentinian tennis player David Nalbandian during the second day of the ATP Open tennis match in Acapulco on February 24, 2009.


Raise your hand if you've ever heard of Koellerer. Perhaps DaVEED ought to consider retirement as well.


Graf_sampras said...

what has been so disappointing about Nalbandian -- after one can understand his inconsistency due to injuries -- is that he has consistently given his "all" in every davis cup - with no guarantee of winning anymore than in majors or other tournaments.

but the tournaments ARE the main body of tennis .

and in the process he has cut off his own leg because he clearly has sacrificed the commitment during matches IN tournaments for the sake of "reserving my best" for davis cup.

he will regret it when all is over, even if he might never admit it.

he is one of the most authoritative players out there and has brought to little of that authority where it might have gained him his greatest achievements...perhaps even by winning his own majors.

lynney62 said...

JMHO...but...I think Nalby needs to really focus and train....a few pounds need to go!

MMT said...

lynney62: I'd have to agree with you - I know he's a great competitor, and has natrual fitness and stamina, but at some point, you've got to look at your results, and your level of fitness and ask yourself if you've given your profession everything you have. Based on his considerable girth, it doesn't appear to me that he has.

Savannah said...

Nalby is very much out of shape right now.
Daniel Koellerer is famous on the Challenger circuit for his temper. He's ranked higher than I thought he was to be honest and his play in Acapulco shows that maybe, just maybe, he's trying to rein himself in and play more on the Main Tour. He's got a lot of fans believe it or not. This is the first time I got a chance to see him play. He lost yesterday because he got angry at Carlos Bernardes and lost focus. He also was more interested in fighting with his opponent man to man instead of playing tennis. As a result he began to press and we all know what happens if you're not patient on the dirt. And this dirt is playing very slow.