Friday, February 13, 2009


France Tennis Open Gaz de France

Under the radar, Amélie Mauresmo is destroying without mercy her opponents at the Paris Indoors. The one event on home soil where she allows her best tennis to shine. And she loves a skidding indoor court. She's lost a grand total of 7 games, boiling two bagels, through the semifinals. Can she win this thing?


Mad Professah said...

where's the Paris Indoors being broadcast? Serena, Jelena, Elena and Mauresmo in the final 4 is a good tournament!

Beth said...

I believe it's on what was formerly known as ATP Masters TV which you have to pay to subscribe to. It's now called I have the yearly subscription and it's been worth every penny! I am watching the Nadal/Monfils semi in Rotterdam as I type this.