Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mr. Roddick

When you start pushing the ball around and playing break points against your opponent's weaker serve like a panicked amateur, you lose tennis matches. Even against players you've never lost to before. One of whom you beat at the same venue last year.

It's really that simple.

1 of 11 break points converted.

1 of 11.

Don't bring a boy to do a man's job.


Beth said...

Anyone watching Nadal/Murray in Rotterdam? Just started about 10 min for those who subscribe. Women's final coming up on Tennis Channel in just a bit.

Beth said...

Yuck.....injury time out for Nadal's right knee just into the second set. Lost first to Murray....why is he playing this tournament after just playing so hard in Australia?

Craig Hickman said...

Because he's crazy. His calendar has rarely made a whole lot of sense to me.

He didn't do himself any favors this week with his less aggressive tennis. Extended matches far too long.

Beth said...

This is really going downhill fast. His knee is bothering him and he probably shouldn't be playing but he'd never retire. Only a few games left now. I'll be the first to say that I don't pretend to understand the point system or how players are obligated under contract to play certain tournaments (?) but he needs to really rethink his schedule and save himself for certain tournaments. I know he has a never-say-die attitude and this is one of his best qualities but you can't always fight your body....not if you want to have a longer career.

Craig Hickman said...

I should also mention that the draws each of the top players received is showing itself in the final as well.

This matchup is always going to be tough for Nadal on the non-natural surfaces. He would need a little luck of the draw to get to a Murray final with enough in the physical and mental tank.

Murray loves indoor tennis. He's easily the best indoor player on the ATP right now.

Savannah said...

Rafa did play more tennis than Murray had to. Murray was going to be fresher no matter what. Rafa's side of the draw was brutal.

I know Krajicek went to Mallorca to speak personally with Rafa and his family. I think that is why Rafa came even though schedule wise it made no sense. Let's see if he pulls out of Dubai and doesn't play again until Davis Cup.

As for Andy I saw the match late last night. Radek got in Andy's head. Once Andy started that panicked back and forth he does I knew the match was over.

oddman said...

I agree, Craig, he and team have just got to find the right schedule for him (Rafa) - methinks he will now drop Dubai. I hope so, I was a bit surprised he didn't take a bit more time off after AO.

Maybe the hype machines got him thinking he really is Superman? JK!

I don't think he would let the hype machine get to him. Sounds more like he felt an obligation to play Rotterdam. One thing I know for sure, he will learn another lesson from this.

oddman said...

And AndyR? I didn't see the match, but fully expected him to beat Stepanek. Ridiculous. I don't know what's going on in that head of his. Sigh.

charags said...

So, why do good players sometimes mysteriously peter off?

King Fed in the last set of the AO, and last night, Roddick against Stepps? Is it just the cliched "all in the mind" or is any physics involved?

Craig Hickman said...

Good question, charags.

tangerine said...

Andy was very angry with himself for that poor performance. All he kept saying was that he couldn't execute. Stepanek will do that to a player, take away all rhythm. I hope Mardy Fish will be able to win the title later tonight.

Rotterdam final: at least Rafa has a good excuse to pull out of Dubai. I hope he does.

Murray needs to show he can beat the Big Two when it counts, in slams. He hasn't done that yet.

Craig Hickman said...

Murray did beat Rafa at the USO last year.

Beth said...

Does anyone think Rafa will pull out of Dubai? I highly doubt he will....even if he should.

Helen W said...

Tio Toni may be a genius of a tennis coach, but I just have to question Rafa's schedule. He played more tennis than anyone else at the AO. I read somewhere that he felt "so-so" going in to Rotterdam -- so why did he play there? He was even entered in the doubles.

I just don't get it.