Monday, February 23, 2009

Name That Man


US tennis player Venus Williams practices next to her coach before an ATP Open tennis match, in Acapulco, Mexico, on February 23, 2009.


Karen said...

Is that not Hank? When did he become Venus' coach?

anonymous said...

Hank is balding...doesnt look like him.

b said...

I believe that's her hitting partner, not her coach. He's been around a long long while. No idea what his name is, although she may have called it out at trophy thanks etc etc. Even in Dubai her Dad and his GF wre sitting in the coach box.

If her parents didn't accompany her perhaps he's travelling in "coach capacity" but he's not her coach. I mean that in the same way that Venus has appeared at tournaments/matches as Serena's designated "coach".

Karen - I think Venus and Hank quietly broke up early last year.... if not, then they've done a remarkable job at not being photographed together at any significant events..... I am glad to see that, actually he made me a bit uneasy (i.e. I questioned his motives). It was weird at one point end 07/early 08 they took it even higher profile and he did some interview(s) w- her and there were rumours of engagement and then - he's vanished...

Savannah said...

He's still unidentified. And Venus was the one talking engagement.

Did anyone see the picture where Richard's girl friend jumped into a pic with Venus while Venus was holding the trophy in Dubai? Any precedent for this? To quote Kanye West:
"Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger.. "

Karen said...

There were suggestions that they could not agree over the pre-nup. He rubbed me the wrong way as well. Anyone else see any tension between Venus and Serena these days

b said...

Hey Savannah and Karen -

you come up w- some interesting info - any links to photos or stories for me to read more? And no, I definitely didn't realise that it was Venus mentioning marriage. What gave me a bad feeling about Hank is that he gave this vibe of being a man who likes to attach himself to famous women (fame digger/gold digger)
Anyway this old article pretty much summarises what I remember from last year.

I watched the ceremony but missed the GF incident. Did see the awkward moment when Serena won the US Open and GF ran on court FIRST, in front of Papa. What happened in Dubai? I was a bit surprised she sat w- Richard in what appeared to be the coach-only box.

Noticed some tension in the handshake at the net..... but was expecting that.... Did you notice - Serena complained *so much* about that late challenge.

I believe this guy is the same one in the background of a CNN(or something) video series on Venus at the YEC - he is part of the team - looks like same guy but with a haircut. I'll try and find it again and post the link.

Mad Professah said...

Tension between Venus and Serena? What do you mean?

I do think Hank is out of the picture...

Savannah said...

Serena is that person in your family who cheats at solitaire. Forget checkers or any other game you might want to play. She does not like to lose at all. Venus seems to have gotten over the "let her win to keep the peace thing" and I say good for her. I think Oracene even stepped to Serena after Wimbledon to tell her to slow her roll. :)

Here is a link to the picture.

b said...



savannah - thx for the link
poor venus resisting the urge to send that elbow backwards right into her chest

why on earth was she there! the only time i remember someone having family of any kind (let alone daddy's GF) for that type of ceremony photo was davenport & baby Jagger - that's it

and that smile - cheshire cat on gold overdose

b said...

craig - can you make that the (un) face of the day

that is some photo!

b said...

here is the video
I think it's the same guy - just w- hair cut
she may mention his name

b said...

got it


(is there a prize? :o) )

old article here:

dapxin said...

Savannah. good pix. looks unreal.
In Nigeria, we have a name for that kind of character, derived from a comedy TV show from the 80s.

Thats so low.

Craig Hickman said...

b, I'll send you a toaster.