Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Writers are coming out of the woodwork to examine Rafael Nadal's supremacy from every imaginable angle.


oddman said...

'Federer still trying to break the Rafa code' - headline.

I thought he did that at Hamburg 07? :p

Oh, naughty naughty me....

MMT said...

Other than the line comparing their slams at age 22, I think this is a pretty interesting comparison.

Who knows how long either will last - if we looked at Agassi slams before 22 and compared it with Connors, Connors looked a lot better (3 by 1974 vs 1 for Agassi), but at the end, they finished with the same number of slams.

But then you compare McEnroe to Borg, who had six slams by 22 and McEnroe had just 1 and Borg ran away with it in the end.

Hamburg 07 appears to be a one-off for Federer. I think that's 1 out of 11 clay encounters, and they're also now split 3 and 3 on hard courts as well - my guess is they'll be split on grass come July.

MMT said...

Correction - looks like McEnroe had 2 US Opens by age 22.