Monday, February 16, 2009

Quote For The Day

"I feel like I have a new career, like I feel so young. I feel so energised to play every week and play every tournament. I feel like there's just so much that I can do in my career yet, and I've never felt like I've played my best tennis."--Serena Williams


Pamela said...

“Every time we play we play in the same half [of the draw],” said Williams adding, “She is my biggest competition and the only player who pushes me to new levels. And I think our level of matchplay is now really high. Our games have gotten closer and we are now neck and neck.”

Another tournament and another potential semifinal for these two. Neither has done well at this event in the past, hopefully Serena can win it. If not, at least earn enough points to hold off the pack a little while longer. (even though she doesn't worry about it, I like her at #1)

Craig Hickman said...

No matter what anyone says, they love the very public display of their very compelling sibling rivalry.

As someone said over the airwaves recently, when all is said and done, theirs will be THE story in sports history.