Friday, February 20, 2009

Quote For The Day

"I am very disappointed not to be able to compete in Dubai, but the doctor has advised me to stay home and rest after the pain on my knee in Rotterdam last week. Nothing to be worried about but it needs some rest. I ask my fans and the tournament organisers to understand and I am sorry for this. Dubai is one of my favorite tournaments and I have always played there. The field is always great and more important the crowds are always supportive. I expect to be back in competition the following week for the Davis Cup tie in Benidorm against Serbia and will then be travelling to Indian Wells and Miami after."--Rafael Nadal


Beth said...

He should be giving his knee the rest. He shouldn't have done Rotterdam....this kids needs to think long and hard about his scheduling. Get some rest Rafa and come back strong and ready!

rabbit said...

Much better taking a rest than trying to protect his knee during a tournament. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

tangerine said...

Bah, more polite tiptoe-around-the-issue lip flapping, he sounds just like Roger. Still, I hope his knee gets better. The tour is better with a healthy Rafa around.

And Venus defeated baby sis today. I hope Venus wins Dubai now. It would be symbolic for a black woman to win Dubai for the last time (assuming it's removed from the schedule after this year) in a place that not only treats women like cattle but views black people as the lowest form of human life.

Graf_sampras said...

why would anyone say Nadal is just being "polite" ? because he hasn't "taken a stand against dubai in the injustice against Peer?"

what IF nadal is ALSO concerned about the "matter that does not speak its name in tennis?" -- the suffering of palestinians under the STATE of PEER?

you are mostly concerned about PEER and the injustice against her in dubai?

what an INCONVENIENCE to tennis, isn't it ? such "mixing of politics and sport BY those dastardly Dubai folks" !!!

on the other hand -- as Nadal's uncle toni taught him - to at least learn to consider in his life:

"OUR PROBLEMS are SMALL compared to the problems of people suffering in africa and elsewhere".....

and there IS something NADAL said about the election of President Obama :

"It is a wonderful thing that he is the president ...i think it shows there is hope maybe...but the problems he has to face are so many and maybe he can not correct all of them....but I hope he will do something about all these wars....because too many people have suffered already".

MIGHT NADAL be MORE INFORMED than americans, after all ?