Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quote For The Day

“I felt like I had to talk about [Shahar Pe'er]. I thought it was brave of her to come here and try and play despite knowing that it is not going to be easy for her. My dad grew up in an area where if you spoke too much, it was your life. So I felt I had a small opportunity to say something where everyone will listen. I am not here to rock any boat or upset people, I am just here to do things that are right. And I think right things are already happening next week and right things will happen next year. Obviously, Andy Ram got his visa, so I’ll be happy to come and defend next year. If everyone is not given the equal opportunity to play, I’d rethink. But I love this tournament. They really care about the players.”--Venus Williams


tangerine said...

Excellent, Venus. This makes up for her mealy excuse earlier in the week. Great win for her. Congrats to her on her 40th career title. That's the big 4-0. Amazing.

Tennis said...

It is indeed a great week for Venus! :)

Tennis Viewer

sG said...

My disappointment in her still lingers. I wish I could be happier for the obviously great week she had.

b said...

Didn't Sharapova enter into a massive lucrative contract to become "the face of the WTA" - why hasn't the press and public pounded HER for a political statement..... Surely in between the fashion shows and endorsement work she could have provided a soundbite.....

Ridiculous that the onus was on the black players.

Graf_sampras said...


i decided to try and look at this from another view:


the STATED principles of "israel tennis" programs and tournaments (there are 3 wta or atp sanctioned. tier-4) -

is "train and provide opportunities regardless of background...and promote arab/jewish participation in the training programs".....

that has been the stated principle for decades....

NOW -- LOOK at the "illustrious Alumni"......

Notable Alumni

* Anna Smashnova (career-high ranking of #15 in 2003)
* Shahar Pe'er (career-high ranking of #15 in 2007)
* Amos Mansdorf (career-high ranking of #18 in 1987)
* Shlomo Glickstein (career-high ranking of #22 in 1982)
* Harel Levy (career-high ranking of #30 in 2001)
* Shahar Perkiss (career-high ranking of #53 in 1985)
* Dudi Sela (career-high ranking of #57 in 2008)
* Gilad Bloom (career-high ranking of #61 in 1990)
* Tzipora Obziler (career-high ranking of #75 in 2007)
* Noam Okun (career-high ranking of #95 in 2002)
* Noam Behr (career-high ranking of #127 in 2001, # 109 in doubles)
* Eyal Ran (career-high ranking of #138 in 1997, # 71 in doubles)
* Hila Rosen (career-high ranking of #138 in 1999)
* Ilana Berger (career-high ranking of #149 in 1992)
* Oren Motevassel (career-high ranking of #161 in 1997)
* Yevgenia Savransky (career-high ranking of #172 2006)
* Amir Hadad (career-high ranking of #180 in 2003, # 87 in doubles)
* Andy Ram (career-high ranking of #187 in 2002, # 5 in doubles)


does anyone see a PALESTINIAN NAME?.....

then ask yourselves the question:


and then remind yourselves:

THE USA promoted itself as a land of justice:

WHY -- for all their talents -- were such players as Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe required to be SO EXCEPTIONAL that they could not be hidden in the attic -- the ONLY ones of great renknown before the Williamses?.......

something is very wrong in those pictures.

something that can not be explained away with

" players are lazy...oh blacks never had discipline or ambition".......

as in "oh.....palestinians just lazy bums".........

that something -- is OPPRESSION and ensuring that BEHIND the platitudes and STATED principles of "equality and justice"


MMT said...

I'm sorry to be party pooper, but I'm really "under"whelmed by these comments. There's way too much wiggle room in her comments, and it's just too little too late for me anyway.

She doesn't even state clearly that she won't defend next year if they pull this same monkey business. Nobody really paid any attention until the TC pulled is coverage and sponsor money was under threat.

Big disappointment all around for me.

Alex said...

Is Dubai's decision anti-semitic, political protest, or security-related?

I'm not sure that this is a case of discrimination.

Tennis players are affiliated with their countries. In fact, they drape themselves in their flags, every chance that they get. They may have to deal with push-back that comes with it.

Israel has arguably committed war crimes on a massive scale. Many countries have begun boycotting Israel, in some shape or form.

The institution of tennis can't excuse itself from one of the biggest political and humanitarian crises of our time. The history of sports is full of politics. Consider Muhammad Ali and many others.

I'm not arguing that Dubai is correct. But i wanted to point out that this is in no way related to Black civil rights. Sorry, Venus. The brutal discrimination of Black Americans AND of Jews in many other historical contexts, isn't akin to Shahar Peer being excluded from this tournament, considering the political context.

I also wanted to criticize "Tennis" for trying to be apolitical in a political world, especially since tennis players benefit greatly from their host countries and their political positions in this world. If the players were not affiliated with a country, then this wouldn't be so much an issue.