Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quote For The Day

“I got off the plane [in Congo-Brazzaville] and the temperature was perfect; the smell, it was just so special. Yes, I felt more comfortable there than anywhere else in the world. It was very important for me to know where I come from.

“But [my injuries] have given me more experience of life and that is what tennis is: a school of life. It teaches you to have respect for the rules, respect for your opponent, respect for the crowd, respect for the traditions of the sport. It is why I love Wimbledon so much, you walk around it and you feel the history. I feel very content there. And the same is true of Paris. I know it used to be that French players worried about playing in front of the French people, but that has changed. Not just in my case but [Gaël] Monfils and [Gilles] Simon, they feel the same.”--Jo-Wilfried Tsonga


Pamela said...

I noticed that he didn't say Gasquet. lol

I like Tsonga a lot, I really hope he does well. I love his attitude about that experience and I like that you mention it here. The personal stories and words that the players choose to emote how they feel tells a lot about them.

It's wonderful that he's had the experience, and he came away with the horns for his efforts.

Craig Hickman said...

He seems so spiritual to me.