Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Roger and Out!

by Savannah

Roger Federer has issued the following statement:


Dear Fans,

Today I am disappointed to announce that I am withdrawing from both Dubai and the Davis Cup tie in the United States. This was a hard decision to make as I am missing not only one of my favorite events on tour in Dubai but I am also missing out on an opportunity to help my country try and move on to the next round of Davis Cup. After injuring my back last fall, I did not have enough time to strengthen it completely. As a precautionary measure, I will use the next few weeks to make sure the back injury is fully rehabilitated and I am ready for the rest of the 2009 season.

As always, thanks for your continued support.



cp said...

He's ashamed of his meltdown IMO and hopes by missing the next few tournaments people will forget it.

Helen W said...

This would have been the perfect opportunity for him to at least say something in regard to the Shahar Pe'er situation. I own that I am disappointed that he chose to say nothing.

tangerine said...

Some people over at MTF are floating the theory out that Roger still hasn't emotionally recovered from the AO final and is using the back as an excuse.

It's too bad for the Birmingham fans that they won't get to see Roger play in person at DC.

It's also a shame Andy R. won't get a chance to avenge his AO loss to Roger. *devil grin*

Helen W said...

Craig, do you have any pictures of Roger where he isn't wearing his halo? I think it just doesn't do to encourage The Worshipful in this way :)

Rad-aholic said...

Shame on Roger for making excuses..."last fall." for the loss to Rafa. Just say your back is hurt. Oh yeah and since tennis is a business no one will speak out about the Peer situation. All the women probably sighed in relief, one less player they have to worry about at the tournament.

rabbit said...

Rad-aholic, Roger was referring to his back injury in Paris (from which he withdrew) and at Shanghai (where he requested a medical timeout for the first time in his tennis career). I have no idea why you are claiming this is an excuse. He mentioned none of this right after the AO and gave all credit to Rafa. Murray can withdraw, Rafa can withdraw, but the moment Roger withdraws, he is searching for excuses?

Helen W said...

rabbit, when you say:

... and gave all credit to Rafa

how can you square it with what Roger actually said? From this blog"

"You know, in a fifth set, anything can happen. That's the problem. Not usually the better player always wins. Just a matter of momentum sometimes.

"You know, maybe I should have never been there, you know, in the first place. But, I mean, I think he played well. You know, I definitely played a terrible fifth set, you know. I kind of handed it over to him.

I mean, no doubt he's one of the tougher guys out there for a fifth set ‑ no doubt."

That's not my idea of "giving all credit to Rafa", although it is true that he does not mention his back injury.

rabbit said...

This is a fruitless discussion. Baselessly accuse Roger of fabricating injuries and making excuses. Sure, Helen_W, I would not say that that was the best response in the presser, but then right in the trophy ceremony, he asked that Rafa be given the final word because he is the winner.

I am sure if this was a Rafa injury, there would be plenty of sympathy from people (including myself) wishing him to get back to his best quickly. And now? Undeserved cynicism and insulting accusations. I guess Roger deserves it.

Sorry, I am done with this conversation.

b said...

So...... apparently "Back problems" are this year's "Mono".

Pretty surreptitious way of building in an excuse for the loss at AO.

rabbit said...

And one last thing, I guess when Roger cited the back problems and said he would take a break, after WINNING the US Open, he was also making an excuse for himself?

Helen W said...

Yes, rabbit, he acknowledged that Rafa was the winner -- how could he do otherwise? But your claim was that he gave all credit to Rafa. I think his words belie that claim, but YMMV.

For my part, I never questioned his injury. But if it's baseless accusations you're concerned about, go look at a few tennis message boards and see how many posters are accusing Rafa of being a doper. Methinks you doth protest too much.

infj23 said...

Has Roger ever stated how he hurt his back?

MMT said...

I don't think he's so ashamed of his loss at the AO that he's making up a reason not to play Davis Cup and Dubai, but I agree that there's more to this story than his back issues. There's another reason he's not playing that he's concealing which I think is not on.

Craig Hickman said...

In my opinion, injured or not, Raja is hiding behind his back injury.

He lives part time in Dubai. He's remained silent on the issue.

Rabbit, whom I deeply respect, is holding out hope that his guy will make a statement because rabbit knows his guy needs to make a statement.

For rabbit, I hope Raja makes a statement.

I'm not holding my breath.

Savannah said...

mmt said:
I don't think he's so ashamed of his loss at the AO that he's making up a reason not to play Davis Cup and Dubai, but I agree that there's more to this story than his back issues. There's another reason he's not playing that he's concealing which I think is not on.
I know what you're talking about and I agree.

sic said...

Well, It is a bit suspicious that he waltzes into another Grand Slam Final if his back was really bothering him. Not saying that he doesn't have back issues, it's plausible, but it's just as plausible that he's still licking wounds of a psychological nature (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that...).

Oh, and at least he didn't use the word "mono".


cp said...

There's another reason he's not playing that he's concealing which I think is not on.

What could it be?

oddman said...

Yes, please enlighten the denser among us, me being first to claim that 'D'UH' handle.... :)

MMT said...

One possibility is that he's trying not to play in Dubai (and appearing to condone their actions against Pe'er) without the heat he would take from Dubai for criticizing them publicly.

Another possibility is that he doesn't want to play Davis Cup this year, and wants to skip out on that, but would look ridiculous doing so if he he played Dubai, so he quit both.

Another possibility is that his back is giving him problems and he needs the break, but his back didn't appear to give him problems at the AO.

There are of course others, but the least likely explanation, based on performance in Australia, is that his back is STILL bothering him since November 2008.

oddman said...

Thanks alot, MMT. Those reasons all sound plausible.

Beth said...

I do think there is something more to his withdrawal than trying to rehab his back. It just seems like something else is going on but I guess we have to take it at face value until we hear or know otherwise.

Des said...

Obviously he is concealing some deep psychological problem. I mean, he can't possibly have an injury again can he? Why would he take all the credit from his opponent by saying he was injured? No clearly he must want to protest the tournament and/or lick his wounds from having lost to Murray the last 32455 times they've played. Obviously just being injured is not what's going on here. Knee again? He's covering up something psychological. Always with the excuses, that Rafa!

Wait, wrong thread?


Tennis said...

I hope he gets well soon. I'm sure his AO loss was mentally depressing on his end and maybe he's undergoing some therapy, both physically and mentally.

I guess he'll also have to shoulder the pressure of saying something about the Pe'er issue if he takes part in the Dubai tourney.

So many reasons, only Federer will know the real ones.


Tennis Viewer

Karen said...

Last night while sitting and resting a thought occurred to me about the whole visa-gate issue and I thought to myself, if people do not want you in their country, why would you want to go there. I am not changing my position that she should have been given the visa, as the rules state that she qualified, but to my mind, when I look back at apartheid I recall that black sports personalities, especially West Indian cricketers never went to South Africa and did not participate in any event where South Africa, Rhodesia or any of those countries that practiced apartheid were competing. To my way of thinking, Shahar as a Jew is not welcome to play in middle eastern countries, I guess to my mind, why would she want to play there anyway. Just a thought that crossed my mind over the whole situation.

Karen said...

Or it could very well be that Roger's back is bothering him, along the same lines that Rafa's knee is bothering, James Blake's knee was bothering him against Fish, Roddick could not break serve because of looking at Radek's lips. The list goes on and on. Point: we dont know.