Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tsonga Slams Djokovic... Again

That's four in a row. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has defeated world No. 3 Novak Djokovic for the fourth consecutive time, this time in straight sets 6-4, 7-6(1), to advance to the finals in Marseille. The Frenchman almost shut out the controversial Serb in the second set tiebreak, playing flawlessly to hold Djoke to a single point.

There will be an all-French final to the delight of the fans.


tw said...

Home crowd support is essential in these wins.

Mauresmo last week in Paris
Llodra or Tsonga Marseilles
Tsonga last fall at BNP Paribas

Too bad they have a hard time at RG

Craig Hickman said...

tw, I guess Tsonga feels right at home in Bangkok and Shanghai, too, because he's also beaten Djoke there.

Pamela said...

I don't like mixing the tours, but this feels like Serena vs Maria to me. Ever since Maria beat Serena in that Wimbledon final and did her falling down routine at the YEC when Serena was clearly injured - Serena has beaten her every time since.

Djokovic beat Tsonga at the AO and his family was disgusting during that match - he hasn't beaten him again since. It's personal, I believe. They would never say it, but I feel that it is.

I love Tsonga .. I'm a happy girl today. Hopefully he wins the final as well.

tw said...

Murray has beaten Fed numerous times but when it counted the most, the USO, Fed won. Same with Tsonga.

Let's see how Tsonga plays # 1-4 in another slam final.

Craig Hickman said...

All victories really count. Djoke's second slam final he beat Tsonga in his first.

If they ever play in a Slam again and both are match fit and without injury, Tsonga wins.

No doubt.

tw said...

"All victories really count"

Yes Craig they do. But certain matches are more desirable to the player I would bet. Would Djokovic trade the ATP championship Montreal 2007 against Federer for the USO 2007 win?
Would Tsonga trade the ATP Bangkok championship against Djokovic for the AO 2008 win?
Would Murray trade all wins against Federer for the USO 2008 win?

I believe the answer would be yes for all of them.

"If they ever play in a Slam again and both are match fit and without injury, Tsonga wins."

Tsonga was match fit at the AO in 2008.

As for another future Slam final between Djokovic and Tsonga, we'll have to wait for that.

Thanks for letting me express my opinion.

Mad Professah said...

yeah tw but it was Tsonga's first major or masters series final. It was Djokovic's 2nd major and he had a numerous masters series finals in AO 2008.

What Craig's point is now that both of them have been through the crucible of a major final (although I do think Djoke will have a mental edge because he has actually DONE it) Craig thinks there is "no doubt" Tsonga would win. I'm not so sure, but I would definitely be rooting for him as would all of Australia and France!

Graf_sampras said...

GO TSONGA !!! but be careful tomorrow...LLODRA is playing gooooooooood!!

hehe. love the way they've been playing, both these frenchies..such RICH tennis from them .whew!