Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's Old Is New

Usually, when Andy Roddick loses his serve early in a match against a player he knows can beat him, he evaporates like money.

Not. Today.

He had to overcome a first-set shellacking, managing to win only 53% of his service points; overcome second-set regulation play where he failed to convert 6 break points and had to bite his tongue when the chair umpire made a bad call, only to surge ahead 6-1 in the tiebreak before winning it 7-4; overcome serving second in the decisive set to secure the early break, fail to convert three match points on Lleyton Hewitt's serve at 3-5, and serve out the match at love.

Savannah, who saw the most of the match, said Andy exhibited a "modern tennis" mindset, using his serve as an arrow in his quiver instead the entire quiver.

Over at Talk About Tennis, mmmm8, who also happens to be a Hewitt fan and a Roddick hater, put it like this:

I'll always hold a special place for New Balls Please generation match-ups. Maybe it's just nostalgia, but I feel like you almost never get crappy tennis and all these [double-faults] and [unforced errors] the new kids end up spewing out in some matches.

Hewitt was kicking Andy's ass at that point. But I agree. Didn't matter Hewitt was just back from injury. He had to have played like this was his match to lose. According to my scoreboard watching, he served like a champion and returned Andy's first serve with ease.

I'm impressed my guy turned it around and pulled it off. He used to be Hewitt's pigeon but now Andy has won their last three encounters to bring their head-to-head to 6-4, Hewitt.

Mental victories are so nice. An old rivalry feels new again.

Here's hoping Andy exacts revenge on the snake in tomorrow's final.


oddman said...

Alright for Andy! Any win over Lleyton is a real boost for him, that guy has really done a few numbers on Andy over the years. This is great. I sure hope he can go one better and win this title today - GO Andy!

(do NOT want to hear that any Worm was performed, please!)

Graf_sampras said...

oooo - i hope i'm just in time to catch Andy's second set online!!

COME ON ANDY..this time DON"T let Radek "worm" his way through...hehe.

Graf_sampras said...

Andy won first set. ....on serve for both in second.

CONSOLIDATE this one andy..important moment for the year.

Graf_sampras said...

need to point out for this match...

STEPANEK has been playing VERY WELL this week and last week and this year....

so this is a very good win for Andy if he takes the title..

Graf_sampras said...

that stepanek first serve can be nasty...whew!

Graf_sampras said...

Andy's SECOND serves are wonderful today! he needs a bit more patience in the points as he tries to close.

Graf_sampras said...

BEAUTIFULLY done by both players -- and Andy had some really beautiful shots that set up the break for the match....especially that backhand passing winner for 0-15 in the last game.